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Last Minute Lucy

Today I did something totally uncharacteristic for me: I began packing. 

Now, a normal person would probably have started packing a week ago. But when it comes for preparing for a trip, I am my Father’s daughter: I pack the night before (and sometimes, the morning of.) 

But I am so ready to go home I actually pulled out the suitcases and started filling them! 

The thing is, I don’t know how normal people do this? Like, what am I supposed to do with the clothes I want to wear over the next week? And what if I change my mind about which bags to use? And where do you put things you need right now but don’t necessarily want in a carry-on? THIS IS SO HARD. 


Sister: “Everything is packed in one bag. Why are you taking another one?”

Me: “Because I can.” 

Sister: “But why?”

Me: “I get two free checked bags!”

Sister: “So you are bringing an empty bag?”

Me: “I need something to put all my souvenirs in!” 

Sister: “You’re going to fill an entire suitcase with souvenirs??”

Me: “…Yes.”

Don’t worry, in the end I found enough stuff to fill it. 😉


I think I am all packed and ready for 19+ hours of travel! 

Moving and Other Sundry Things

How did packing and moving go?

This morning I tried to fry an egg with chopsticks. Would not recommend. 

My family and some guys from my small group came and helped me move, though, which was awesome. Everything is packed, stored, and cleaned. I only need to re-pack my bags to be ready to go! It is starting to really feel real that I am going. 

I took 14,000 steps today and am ready to go take a nap. But oh wait…it is 6:20. I guess I can wait for bed. 

Day 2

Day 2 of 2019:

Still packing + no laptop = 5.5 audio books completed today.

It is my least favorite thing (organizing) with my favorite (books). At least I am super productive!

Packing Up

I don’t know where it all came from. Or rather, I suppose I do. My suitcase overflows; I brought most of it and managed to acquire all the rest by virtue of living in Colorado Springs for 10 weeks. But that doesn’t solve my problem:

What to pack? What to leave? How to keep my bag under 50 pounds and my backpack from breaking my back? 

My wardrobe – which felt so inadequate at times this summer – now seems enormous. Why did I bring so many tops? So many pairs of jeans? So many books?

I really don’t know how it will all fit.

Last Minute Lucy

Tomorrow I am leaving for a quick trip to Minnesota to visit a friend. It is almost 6:30 the night before. Are my bags packed? The laundry done? Route planned?

Ha, no!

I planned to do the laundry part at least last night but my sister went to bed early so I didn’t do it.

My van, however, is all ready to go thanks to my Dad. He changed the oil and everything. Thank you, Dad!

If you’ll excuse me, there is a washing machine with my name on it. See y’all in MN!