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A Plethora Of Ebook Options

Yesterday, I had a little mini panic attack when I realized I had no more books lined up on my library ebook app (Libby). All the ones I wanted to read next were on holds. And a quick search did not show me any available ones that I wanted to read! WHAT TO DO!

What to read on the bus?!

And then it dawned on me that if I just clicked out of the Libby app and looked at my home screen, my problem would go away. Because besides Libby, I currently have plenty of immediately-available-because-I-own-them ebooks on my:

  • Kindle app
  • Nook app
  • Kobo Book app
  • Google Books app
  • BookFusion app

And if I somehow made it through all of those, my friend sent me a few books via Google docs I could also read via the app on my phone. 

Moral of the story, as long as I have a phone charger on me, I need never fear running out of reading material.

(And thankfully a hold came in early on my Libby app so I was only without reading material on there for, like, 4 hours. Whew. Crisis averted.)

The New Phone Conundrum

I am not normally someone who second guesses herself. Once something is done, it is done. There is no point in stressing. However, this new phone might be an exception. I decided to switch from my iPhone 5 to a Galaxy S6.

*ducks under table to avoid militant Apple users* 

I really liked my Apple but my first smartphone was an Android and I’ve been thinking about switching back for several months. My broken phone just sped up the process. I marched into Wal Mart, chose the phone, and bought it. Quick and easy. Maybe a little too quick? 

This phone is so big compared to my iPhone! And the keyboard is weird. And I forgot how annoying some of these features are, like Facebook bubbles popping up when I’m trying to do something else. 

At the same time, even typing that out makes me feel ridiculous. I live so comfortably that I can go to the store within 24 hours and buy basically a mini-computer without feeling a heavy financial burden. How incredible is that? And I’m whining about Facebook chat bubbles?!

I didn’t like my iPhone when I first got it but I came to like it. I think it will be the same case with this phone. I may be hesitant now but eventually I will come to appreciate it. In fact, I already am. I just need to remind myself repeatedly why I made the switch!