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Whatcha Reading…? 5/10/16 Book Update

It has been almost a MONTH since my last reading update! The problem is, I haven’t been reading much. I mean, much for me. What I am reading I tend to read at a slow, unfocused pace. My previous “Whatcha Reading…?” posts tended to mean ‘I’m reading this today but tomorrow I’ll be on something new.’ This post is more like ‘I was reading these last week and this week and maybe even into next week because work is busy and I’m not feeling a burning urge to knock every book off my to-read list.’

However, there are some interesting titles in the bunch so I figured I would share. I’ve been reading: Pictures of Hollis Woods by Patricia Reilly Giff, unPlanned by Abby Johnson, Grace For the Good Girl by Emily P. Freeman, Breaking Busy by Alli Worthington, and of course that ever present audio book, Don Quixote.

Pictures of Hollis Woods is kind of a carry-over from my raid on the Juvenile Fiction section a few weeks back. It has been on my to-read list for a while and I am enjoying it.It is so thin I really should just finish it. I vaguely recollect the movie and I know it will be worth my time. I would normally lap it up as an enjoyable emotional roller coaster but I’m not focused enough to gain much from it. 

unPlanned is another book that has survived the to-read list for too many years. I love Abby’s story. She is very open and genuine and constantly repeats that people aren’t “all good” or “all bad” on one side or the other in the abortion debate. She offers a calm voice on a very heated topic. I’m about half way through. I look forward to continuing with this one. So far, highly recommended. 

A wonderful friend lent me Grace For the Good Girl and I love it. I’m not very far, but it is refreshing to read words of grace aimed at “good girls.” I might have to do a follow up post on this one. 

Finally, Breaking Busy. I heard about it on a podcast and found it at the library the same day. Alli is fantastic. She talks about how burnt out she got raising 5 boys, running her own business, and volunteering for good causes. This is a book about finding purpose and escaping “busyness.” Totally loving it. 

Feeling less love for Don Quixote. I’m trying…but not very hard. I just don’t find the story amusing. It is exhausting to listen to, exhausting to constantly be picking through the nuances of the story. I have have, like, 10 CDs to go which is rather disheartening. That is over 10 more hours with this guy!