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Pizza and Beer

Most professors bring donuts to the last day of class.

My Public Sector Labor Law professor brought pizza and beer. I guess when you are 69 you just do what you like. 

“Do what you like” actually sounds like a good description for the class overall. Our last writing assignment was to write a paper and “pick what you feel the right answer is and then work backwards. No need to cite any law or anything” was all the direction we got. 

At least I got dinner out of it.

Terminal 21….again!

Terminal 21 is officially my favorite mall. I’ve now visited 3 times. It has a great ratio of stores and food. And not just fancy stores like some of these malls! Real, actual stores with things you might want to buy. (I mean, rows of stores exclusively selling Gucci and Prada and Lamborghinis are great and all, but also super intimidating. It takes all of 2 seconds of window shopping for me to feel broke and silly.) 

Anyway, my friend and I visited Terminal 21 week:

We got tuna and cream cheese pizza cones and they were delicious! 

I am a big fan of pizza cones. Someone bring this business to Madison! 

More Food!

No April Fool’s Joke, people here eat shrimp on pizza.

In fact, I would say at least half the local Domino’s menu came with seafood on top. If you’re looking for something..less, there is the vegetarian option. It comes with a heavy dose of…corn!

Speaking of seafood…

Grilled right in front of you! Yummy even after consuming an entire pizza.