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Trivia Confessions

People assume that because I read an enormous amount, I am good at trivia. 

Fun fact: I am not good at trivia. 

At least, not bar trivia. I know nothing of sports, pop culture, geography, or music. And guess which topics dominate? 

Some friends invite me every few weeks to join their trivia group and I go and I usually provide nothing to the team. At most I can claim a knowledge of history, but one of my teammates is a far bigger history buff than I am and usually knows the answer. (Though, actually, once, several glorious months ago, I answered a sports question: it was pole vaulting. And I suppose the one time a law question came up, I got that too) 

But last night…I did it. I knew the answer to the question and no one else at my table did. Such a moment of triumph. And the category? Literature

So if you ever need someone who can recognize an Emily Dickinson poem at your trivia night, I’m your woman. 

A Controversial Poem

One of the poems contained in Enough Rope is titled “Résumé” and it is a lot more controversial than I would have guessed. I first read this poem in 2014 and it struck me as something…horrifying but powerful. Here it goes:


Razors pain you;
Rivers are damp;
Acids stain you;
And drugs cause cramp.
Guns aren’t lawful;
Nooses give;
Gas smells awful;
You might as well live.

To give context, Parker was often depressed and attempted suicide. Her poetry is full of angst, cynicism, and a longing for death. I feel like a poem like this reflects her worldview. There is no hope; this is life. Besides, isn’t there theory that one of the stages of tragedy is humor? In her mocking way, she’s wrestling with the tragedy of her own life. This isn’t designed to be serious, yet it is serious. That is why I find it haunting. 

However, one reviewer on Goodreads calls it, “callous and nursery-rhymish, and too shallow for the profound subject.” He goes on to call its conclusion, “a shopping list of smug quips.”

I’ve been chewing over his words but I find I can’t agree. It is powerful and depressing precisely because it is so trite. It is the title that takes this silly list and makes it powerful. It is “Résumé” because she knows these things only too well. 

What are your thoughts? Is this poem insensitive or powerful?  Haunting or humorless? 

“But You Didn’t” by Merrill Glass

I saw this poem on Pinterest and it gave me ALL THE FEELS.


An Ode Against Dandelions

Disclaimer: poetry was basically my worst subject in high school. I got a B. However, today I feel almost inspired. This one goes out to Spring. 

An Ode Against Dandelions
by me

Oh golden dandelion of summer day
I am at a lost to convey
How much I hate you

You cause my nose to run, my eyes to water
As the summer grows hotter
Everything dies

Yet you continue to grow!
If you could only know
How much I hate you

Oh golden dandelion of summer day
You fill me with dismay
You dump pollen in the air

That pollen causes me to sneeze
Reminding me with every passing breeze
How much I hate you

My eyes itch and begin to swell
My throat also starts to rebel
My head throbs 

Oh golden dandelion of summer day
You block my airway
How much I hate you

If I could I would pick
Every last flower with a chopstick
So I wouldn’t get dandelion juice on my hand

I don’t think it would stain much
But I avoid your touch
How much I hate you

Oh golden dandelion of summer day
If I sprayed you with hairspray
Would you die? 

I will breed rabbits to feast
Till you are entirely deceased
How much I hate you

It would be a labor of love
For all the suffers of
Your springtime tyranny

Oh golden dandelion of summer day
May I never get you as a boquet
How much I hate you