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Basically a Princes

Smiles, comments, giggles. Cars slowing down and middle age women beaming in our direction. That is how Korea responded to Jasmine and I donning hanboks, the traditional Korean clothing. 

I felt like a princess.

For $9, this wonderful little store let you rent a traditional Korean outfit (or non-traditional sailor suit, depending on your fancy) and wander around Gamcheon Culture Village for an hour. They help pin you in and then do your hair for no extra cost!

The store carried a multitude of fabrics, colors, and sizes aimed at both men and women. (But mostly women.)

Image may contain: people standing

Image may contain: people standing

Image may contain: people standing

And if that wasn’t perfect enough for me, there was an entire stairwell BOOK THEMED. 

The entire village is designed for photo shoots. I think Jasmine and I could handily illustrate an entire book of fairy tales just with the pictures we took. I give you:


Image may contain: Jasmine Mhlanga, smiling

Beauty and the Beast

Image may contain: 1 person, standing and outdoor

The Fisherman and His Wife (you can’t really tell but that is a fish)

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The Frog Princess

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The Princess Who Never Smiled

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Rapunzel (if you squint I look like I’m in a tower. Sort of. Not really.)

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Beauty and the Beast (2017)

I took my youth group girls to see Beauty and the Beast on Tuesday and it was magical. The costuming, the music, and the characters all came to life. Like Disney’s live action Cinderella adaption, Beauty and the Beast stays true the original cartoon while also fleshing out the story. I particularly liked what they did with the Beast’s character. I think it makes his relationship with Belle more believable. The movie also avoids or answers several inconsistencies from the cartoon. 

However, I would rank Cinderella’s adaption higher than Beauty and the Beast’s. A great deal of Cinderella’s charm comes from the fact that the live action adds very little to the overall story. It is simple but beautiful. Beauty and the Beast tries to be more. There are new backstories, new relationships, and new songs. It is a bit overwhelming and left me feeling dissatisfied at times. Simple is definitely not a word for this movie. It is elaborate and stunning but occasionally disjointed. 

As for the “homosexuality” in the movie, the reality is so far from the hoopla that I feel ridiculous even mentioning it. I’ve heard some people say LeFou is confused rather than gay, but to be honest, I’m not even sure he is that. There is no homosexual kiss or any other thing that parents need to be worried about. At most, there are two men dancing together at the end for a brief moment and one looks confused.

There is a fantastic post that I highly recommend you read addressing the above issue and other reasons Christians should see this movie – The Bigger Reason You Should Be Worked Up About Beauty and the Beast.

I am glad I got to see this one in theater and I am definitely going to re-watch it many times. Despite my criticisms, I must say it was beautifully done and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Do not let the hype keep you from enjoying this latest Disney classic. 

Disney Beauty and The Beast live action remake: