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Disney Princesses and Underrepresented Hair Colors

I am taking my youth group girls to see the new Beauty in the Beast movie in a few weeks and I feel like this calls for a serious conversation about hair. 

Now in general, I feel redheads are vastly underrepresented in pop culture. However, my sister was ranting the other day about the lack of brunette princesses, and I think she makes a very legit point. Take a look at this:

5 of these princesses have black hair. Three have blond hair. Two have red hair. Only one is a brunette!  

Add in Anna and Elsa…

Image result for all the disney princesses

We have 5 black haired princesses, three blonds, three redheads, one brunette and one sort of blond sort of white haired ice Queen. 

Image result for all the disney princesses

Now, there are a few less popular/not recognized Disney leading ladies who are brunettes, like Jane. (Actually, just Jane. I just looked it up and Megara is supposed to have auburn like hair.) And anyway, at the same time, you add another red head, another blond, and another black haired princess.

No matter how far you expand…

And who you include…

Brunettes really only have one good princess…

Image result for all disney princesses with moana(is that supposed to be Moana on the end?)

And that is Belle!


I’ve now seen the new Disney princess movie, Moana, twice! It is really cute and has great music; I was pleasantly surprised by Dwayne Johnson’s ability to sing. Lin-Manuel Miranda’s influence is definitely apparent, though more so in the CD/soundtrack than the film. I personally would have preferred a little romance but the adventure was fun. Moana reminded me of Merida. 

Still not as good as Tangled. That is the best princess movie ever. 

From Walt Disney Animation Studios comes “Moana,” a sweeping, CG-animated feature film about an adventurous teenager who sails out on a daring mission to save her people. “Moana” sails into U.S. theaters on Nov. 23, 2016.:

Look how cute Baby Moana is!

Muñecas                                                       …:


What Pinterest Reveals About My Brain


Some of my boards on Pinterest are normal and self-explanatory and have titles like ‘Comical’ or ‘Hunger Games’. This is not my natural inclination. I don’t think in normal, categorical ways. Some girls (like my sisters)  have cutesy, or at least practical, names for their boards.  ‘Nails and Makeup’ ‘Cute Hairstyles’ ‘I Would Wear That!’ ‘Something Yummy’ ‘abode’ ‘words’ ‘crafts’ ‘giggles’….for example. All are pretty self-explanatory. 

I tend to group things more…surreally. Or at least more randomly. For example: ‘Awesome’ ‘Random Moments of Awesome’ and ‘Random Things I Like’ are similarly titled groups with similar pins. Yet all of them are very distinct in my mind. I just don’t know how to verbalize the distinction!

For example, a few from Awesome: 

Mr. Tilney & Miss Catherine Morland:

Cinderella live action and animation movie by Rodrigo Yborra Art:


adventures of George Washington:


From Random Moments of Awesome:




aww yeah history:


And then there is Random Things I Like:

Rapunzel Pirate:


Metabolism Boosting Foods:

Elsa at Christmas:


There are also my ‘For Anna’ ‘For Hope’ and ‘For Bethany’ boards, which are a little easier to explain. I pin things to those boards I think Anna, Hope, or Bethany would enjoy. ‘One Day I Am Going to Use This Meme’ is my favorite board because that is where I store gifs and memes for my Goodreads book reviews. I also have ‘Crafts’ ‘Crafty Patterns’ ‘Good To Know’ ‘Powerful’ ‘Wise Words’ ‘blog’ and ‘Blog Memes’ among other similar, but different, boards.

Now you might be thinking, ‘I DON’T GET IT. WHAT IS THE POINT OF THIS POST.’ And that is just the thing! This is what it is like in my brainPinning is a gut instinct. I don’t think ‘Princess’ or ‘Disney’ or anything truly categorical at all. I just emotionally react and stick it on the board based on my subjective, gut-instinct. I suspect this is an ENFP-thing. But at any rate, that is how my brain processes the world. I find it difficult to organize things or read maps or put things in little boxes because my brain is going ‘DISNEY…NO WAIT….MR. TILNEY….FUNNY…FOOD?..HISTORY!…HAPPINESS!’

oh my darling darling boy.. why so adorable and perfect? why???:


Also, I’ve really got to stop writing these posts so late at night. They turn out weird. I hope this one made sense! Until tomorrow! 


The Hammy To My Twitchy…

This semester, I got to room with one of my closest friends.


How can I explain our relationship? We baffle most people. We’re Twitchy from Hoodwinked and Hammy from Over the Hedge. Olivia Pope and Huck from Scandal. Belle and Mulan. A Triceratops and a Pterodactyl (okay, that one is a bit of an inside joke).

Together, we either make the greatest superhero team or the most devious super villains the world has ever known. Our daily conversation fluctuates between hiding bodies to the best way to encourage someone with a cup of tea. Rina is one of the most selfless, generous, talented, unusual people I know. Life is anything but boring; I never know what she will do next. Yet sometimes I know exactly what she will do, because we’re those friends. Those roommates. We have a system for drinking tea (we drink a lot of tea), we eat every meal together, and I know her Taco Bell order better than I know my own.  Her siblings are like siblings to me.

She is a mystery wrapped in an enigma and sealed with a secret and if for no other reason, I am glad this semester happened because Rina and I became such good friends. Here is to the conclusion of one difficult, ridiculous, and exhausting semester that was made fantastic by one seriously amazing friend.

Amy and Rina 1

Amy and Rina 2

Amy and Rina 3

Amy and Rina 5

Amy and Rina 8