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Yesterday I celebrated finishing my second final by reading a book…which resulted in me hitting 300 books for 2019! 

Then I finished St. Augustine’s Enchiridion today so I guess technically I’m at 301 at the moment. 

Stay tuned for my 5 and 1 star book lists at the end of the year! It is going to be good. (Or if not good, at least extensive.) 

2019 Reading Goal: Complete

Sooooooooooooooooooooooo, it is March 27th and I completed my yearly reading goal.


Not that I expected to only read 119 books this year. I just did not expect to read 119 books in 3 months.

After all, it took all of 2017 for me to read 119 books. Here I am two years later already there. 

Or in other words, the nearly 31,000 pages I’ve covered means I’m halfway through the total number of pages I read last year (61,000) and last year’s page numbers included textbooks. This year so far does not. 

What does it all mean?  

Well, it goes back to something I posted about last year. The more my life feels out of control, the more I default to books. I can control books. I can control what I read, how fast I read, and how quickly I achieve my reading goals. Achieving a goal I set for myself can feel like a little pocket of serenity amidst the unstable whirlwind of life. 

I often feel like I lack control here in Thailand. And I’m learning to embrace it. Sort of. Slowly. In the meantime, I read. 

Now the real question, do I set another goal? (I mean, obviously I’m aiming for 365 now. But do I make it official? I feel like no.) 

2018 Reading Goal (Update)

We’re hitting my favorite time of the blogging season! The part of the year where Larry comes out and sings a silly song.

No wait, that’s not it.

It is the part of the year where I review the best and worst books of 2018!! And with 255 books complete, you better believe I have a lot to say. I did not have a list of ‘Mind Blowing Books’ last year, but no worries, you’ll get a good one this year. 

However, this is actually an update to say…you’re going to have to wait. I have a major paper to finish and 4 scholarship application essays to edit in 3 days. Then I’m packing up my apartment and getting ready to move. My goal is to slowly write the majority of my Best and Worst book posts over the next few days and then schedule them while I’m on a flight to Thailand. That way, you won’t miss a day of me! 

Between the books and travel, stay tuned, things are going to get good! (And also, thank you all for tolerating these very brief posts over Christmas.) 

200 Books

Today I achieved my secret reading goal. (And incidentally, my ultimate goal every year for the last 5+ years.) I read 200 books in one year. (Or more specifically, 200 books in 8 months and 14 days.)


Update on August’s Reading Goal

At the beginning of August, I set a goal for myself. I wanted to hit 150 books. At the time I was hovering around 120, so 30 books in 30 days seemed ambitious but doable. 

Well, it is August 31st and I am here to tell you….


I am ending the month at 180 books read since January.

On the one hand, I’m really excited about that, but on the other hand, I’ve been watching the number slowly tick up all month so the excitement has worn off. Like, ‘Yup, I did that. Living alone improves your reading statistics, who knew? On to the next goal.’ 

I’ve been tracking my reading numbers for 7 years and this is the first time I’ve broken 180. (Including the year I counted the comic books I was reading in a fruitless attempt to make my impossibly high reading goal. That was a depressing year.)

Law school officially starts next week so my habit of 2-3 books a day  is probably about to crash and burn. However, I’ve still got my audio books and I’m looking forward to see where this goes. 

Secret Reading Goal

Now that I’ve achieved my actual reading goal of 118, I have a secret reading goal. I don’t think I’ll make it. But I’m hopeful. I don’t think I ever made it this far in one year. I mean, 124 books by August 4th? 

That’s more than I read all of last year. 

I’ve set a test to see if I will make my secret reading goal. I’m going to try and hit 150 books by the end of August. If I make it, I will push further forward. If I don’t, I will try and let it go. Maybe. I like goals. 

But I also know my lovely summer of peace and reading is drawing to a close. So we shall see! 

A 2019 Reading Goal

“I saw that you read 124 books in 24 years!” cheerfully exclaims my new friend. “Congratulations!”

“124 books in my 24th year,” I say. “From July 6 to July 6.”

She looks shocked. “124 in one year? Not all 24 years?”

The very idea of it taking me 24 years to read 124 books is somewhat insulting, but she means well.

I glance at my Goodreads, wanting to give an accurate number. “Try 1,820 books since 2009, excluding re-reads.”

She looks stunned.

Trying to soften it a little, I say, “But you know, I still have 928 books on my to-read list, and that is always growing!”

It doesn’t help. “You have 920 books you want to read?” she gasps.

I nod, forbearing to add the 8 at the end.

She leaves the room shaking her head, but I’m now curious. How soon till I hit 2,000 read books? 180 short…probably not possible by the end of this year but with effort and fewer re-reads maybe by the end of 2019…

I think I have a new reading goal. To pull it off I will need to read 30-40 more books this year and then stay on track for my average 150 next. Seems a little steep with my travel plans for 2019 thrown in. But what is life without something to strive for?