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In Which I Attempt to Rebel With A Library Book

Yesterday I decided I needed some book therapy – which is like retail therapy, but cheaper – and headed to my local library. It mostly worked. More importantly, I found a really hilarious book and read it all in one go last night. 

Image result for evening bags and executions

But here is the problem. It was book 6 in the series! And why did I read book 6? Because nowhere on my copy did it say it wasn’t book 1. 

I suppose chapter 1 should have clued me in when it dropped straight into the action but I didn’t realize it till I was already home. Then am I just going to put down this awesome book I found? Of course not!

So I have decided to treat this as another act of rebellion. I’m tough. I’m cool. I stay up past my self-imposed bedtime reading. I read books out of order. So there! Stick it to the man! (Or whoever it is I’m supposed to channel my displaced frustration with politics towards.) 

In Which I Attempt to Rebel With Heavy Metal

Me: “I am listening to heavy metal to assuage my angry feelings.”

Friend: “I’m trying to think of a way to ask what a Homeschooler considers heavy metal without sounding condescending…” 

Me: “Good question. I typed “metal” into Spotify and am listening to something with lots of yelling. I can’t understand any of the words.”

Friend: “You are officially a grandma.”

*5 minutes later*

Me: “My ears really hurt.”