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Food That Reminds Me Of Home

Confession time: I am starting to grow a little weary of Thai food. I know other options exist (I live a block away from a KFC) but when not eating convenience store ramen, I stick to Thai foods. When in Thailand, right? 

But with my touch of homesickness, I decided I needed something familiar. So what did this redheaded, Anglo-American Midwesterner opt for? Cheese? Brats? Pizza? A Miller Lite? 

Nope. I walked downstairs and bought myself kimchi. 

And it was amazing. Exactly what the doctor ordered.  

(Also, the packaging states: “Kimchi helps reduce boredom when eating much meat.” I threw it in my rice porridge, which just goes to show how amazing kimchi is. You can eat it with everything. I once ate it on a peanut butter sandwich.)

An Object of Curiosity

Initially, I thought people stared at me when I walked past because of my red hair. (The closest I’ve seen to another redhead in Thailand is the Scotch pin-up girl plastered to the outer wall of a local bar.) 

Then I thought maybe they stared because of my hat. It is quite noticeable. Only tourists wear such ridiculous things, and I rarely leave the house without it. (No sunburn for me!) 

Then, of course, there is the fact that when feeling warm my entire face goes beat red. So maybe they stare in concern, convinced I might collapse at any moment.

My latest theory, however, is simply that I look absurd every time I leave my apartment. Besides my hat, sunglasses, and long sleeves, I’ve started wearing a mask because of the high levels of pollution. 

In short, I perpetually look like I could rob a bank.

Dry-Wick Shirts

It is time we get to the bottom of a Very Important Question: why are women’s dry-wick shirts such ugly colors? 

I have been searching for some dressier dry-wick shirts for Thailand and every time I find a design I like, it comes in black, baby blue, coral, some obnoxious bright blue, and possibly white. 

And it is not just jogging dry-wick shirts. I’ve searched golf shirts, fishing shirts, bowling shirts, and general workout wear. Every one of them comes in coral. 

I do not wear coral. Or baby blue. Or white.

If you happen to see pictures of me in Thailand and I’m head to toe in black, I haven’t gone goth. I’ve just refused to make my sunburn stand out even more by matching it with coral. Incidentally, I have every expectation of spending next semester like this:

Vitamin D

I’ve been playing phone tag with my doctor about some blood work for the past few weeks and finally got ahold of her. Or rather, a nurse who works with her. The nurse, however, lacked my doctor’s bedside manner. Or maybe I was a little too much in my old world. 

*over the phone*

Nurse: “So, you’re totally fine but you are Vitamin D deficient.”

Me: “Vitamin D?” I think, but I’m a redhead. We’re not supposed to need much of that stuff.* Does this mean I need to go outside more? Maybe I really am a vampire. Do vampires get Vitamin D deficient? I wonder if they absorb it from blood.  

Nurse: *apparently misinterpreting my confusion* “Don’t worry, you just need a little more sun. Or a vitamin. The doctor is sending a basic vitamin prescription to a pharmacy near you. Where should we send it?”

Me: Will this problem go away when I am in Thailand? Thailand has sun. I’ll get lots of it there. I’ll also get sunburned. I wonder if I should bring sunscreen with me? “Oh, Madison. I’m not sure where in Madison. I haven’t had to visit a pharmacy yet. Do you have a way of looking up some locations? If not I can try from my phone.”

Nurse: “I can do it.” *long silence* “It looks like there are two.”

Me: “Two pharmacies? Where?” Why do I need a prescription for a vitamin anyway?

Nurse: *names two streets*

Me: “Where are those located in…Madison? I haven’t heard of them. They don’t sound near my apartment.”

Nurse: *exasperated* “Well, honey, Madison is a small town! You can’t expect that many pharmacies!” 

Me:  “We’re talking about Madison…right?”

Nurse: “Madison, Wisconsin.”

Me: “And there are only two pharmacies?” 

Nurse: *exasperated sigh* “Well, give me a zip code!”

I give her mine. She pauses. Names a street. I am not sure it is near my apartment, but I say it will work anyway. I think she might give up on the whole thing if I try again. 

Me: “Thanks for your help!”

Nurse: “Uh-huh, good day.”

I really hope this prescription doesn’t end up in Madison, Georgia. 




Ginger Meme

I have seen some pretty epic redhead memes, but this is officially my new favorite: 


Do you think it would be socially okay if I answered that way?