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Nephew’s Tears

“Bwaaaaaa! Ma-ma! Bwaaaaaa!!!”

I can hear my 8-month old nephew’s sobs coming from my Mom’s phone. My sister-in-law does an incredible job updating us each day with pictures and videos of Devin. And, as he becomes more mobile and finds himself caged in, they frequently involve his attempts at escape and subsequent irritation at being prevented. 

Our reactions to his videos fall into a pattern. First, alarm. 

“Oh no! Why is he crying???” 

Then, once we realize he’s just being denied something, laughter. His sobs suddenly turn funny. They’re so cute! 

Being an aunt is so fun.

Chickens and Elephants

“My Grandma loves chickens,” I say to the 8th person in an hour. “She collects chicken figurines and other chicken stuff.” 

Lampang being the chicken bowl capital of…of the region, if not the world, I found chickens everywhere and on everything. Which of course made me think of my Grandma! And I am bad at keeping stuff to myself. So I made everyone think of my Grandma! 

Besides chickens, I found elephant stuff everywhere. My sister-in-law likes elephants. I did not tell as many people about her, but I thought of her often. 

Chickens and elephants. Grandma and sister-in-law. I will forever associate Lampang with those two people, even though they did not get to visit it with me. I think I am a little homesick this evening. But I am glad for this opportunity to travel and the fun of carrying memories of my loved ones everywhere I go!

Nephew <3

My nephew was born yesterday!! He’s the cutest little chunker ever. (Over 9 pounds!) Both my sister-in-law and baby are doing well. I got to hold him today and he is so precious. With 2 loving parents, 9 aunts and uncles, 4 grandparents, and a great many more great-grandparents, great aunts and uncles, first cousins once removed, and second cousins (not to mention all the friends and acquaintances of the above named people) to dote on him, I challenge you to find a more loved little boy right now! 

Welcome to the world, Baby Bucky! We’ve been eagerly awaiting you. 

The Greatest Shower

My sister-in-law loves the movie The Greatest Showman, so for her baby shower, my sisters planned The Greatest Shower! They did an amazing job. Everything was super fun and creative. Check out some of the decorations! 

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Sisterly Shenanigans

My sister and sister-in-law got nose studs this past week! I came along for the ride and we all got Chick Fil A afterwards. It was so much fun! Don’t they look cute?