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Introducing Bethany to Pemberley Digital

Today Bethany finished reading Emma by Jane Austen. To celebrate, I planned to have us watch the BBC Emma miniseries. Alas, Amazon Prime no longer offers it or any other Emma movie for free. So, I decided the time had come to introduce her to one of my all-time favorite Emma spin-offs….Emma Approved.

She was…unimpressed. 

And I figured, okay, so maybe Emma is little more annoying than I remembered. But The Lizzie Bennet Diaries doesn’t disappoint! 

And it didn’t!

But Bethany was still unimpressed. 

So I pulled out my final card…Pemberley Digital’s imagining of Sanditon. 

And, yeah, okay, there is a reason that one bombed.

But Bethany wouldn’t have any of them! She just shrugged and said, “I guess I like Jane Austen for the Regency stuff.” 

Her loss. If you need me, I’ll be re-watching the masterpiece that is The Lizzie Bennet Diaries. 

A New Hobby

Bethany informed me that all my new free time means I need a new hobby. Apparently, my increased reading does not impress her. Instead, she informed me that I should show up to Hobby Lobby after her shift so she could find something for me to do. 

The thing is, I’ve tried most crafty hobbies. Years ago. Walking through Hobby Lobby went something like this…

“Knitting? Aunt tried to teach me that when I was 9.”

“Hair-pin-lace? Another aunt tried to teach me that when I was 11.”

“Crochet? Tried that when I was 15.” 

“Cross-stitch? I think I did that when I was 10. Grandma bought me a kit.”

“Sewing? Oh, yeah, Grandma taught me how to sew a skirt and use a sewing machine. Was that freshman year?” 

Scrap booking? Oh, yeah. I tried that after my first summer camp. Probably still in parents’ craft supply box somewhere.” 

“Adult coloring books? I’ve got a lot of those.” 

So, finally, I told Bethany: I’m willing to relearn anything. I’ll invest in it. Pick a hobby and we’ll work on it together over the next few weeks. I imagined us knitting cute blankets, or sewing PJ pants, or painting wooden boxes or something. 

Bethany decided we should hand-sew stuffed animals. 

A few dismal attempts to sew dolls out of fabric scraps and socks came to mind, but I shoved it down and said I’d give it a try. She then dismissed the needs for patterns or actual structure. When I found a pattern I liked online, she eyeballed it and sketched something for me to cut out. 

Not shockingly, this did not work. 

But honestly, I’ll blame my own skills for the rest. It was supposed to be a chick. Then I tried to make it an owl.

And it kind of just turned into a demented pigeon. 

I do not really foresee this hobby taking off.

Older Sister Mode

Despite being the oldest of five kids, I do not have a particularly motherly personality. No one would call me the “mom” of my friend groups. But I am very much an older sister. And sometimes that comes out with other people. 

For example, I saw one of my students at a bar the other day. He was there with a girl. I could not resist embarrassing him a tiny bit–complete with a wide grin and obvious waving to get his attention. He turned beat red. Sometimes, you’ve got to tease your people. 

But being an older sister means more than embarrassing your younger siblings. Sometimes it means demanding information from them to gauge how they’re doing. Tonight I accidentally entered older sister mode with someone I carpooled with to Bible study . Logically I knew it wasn’t Bethany in the car with me as we left, but habits die hard. 

“So, did you have good conversations tonight?”

“Who did you talk with?”

“What did you talk about?”

“What was your biggest takeaway?”

“Do you want to go back next week?”

The person took my interrogation in stride, but I’m pretty sure they’ll think twice before going anywhere with me again. Because I will ask you about your day, and you will like it!

Wrap Battle

Image result for wrap battle

My sister got me hooked on this TV show: Wrap Battle. 

Basically, a bunch of people wrap different gifts under a time constraint and get eliminated one by one until only one wrapper remains! 

Now my idea of gift wrapping is to use so much wrapping paper it looks like a pillow. 

Image result for wrapping gifts meme

But these people are seriously obsessive and detailed and I quickly got sucked into the drama. Wrapping paper! Who would think!

Impulse Buying

I, admittedly, am an impulse buyer. And unless I am super focused, I will take a tour of the entire store no matter what I came for. I mean, what if I am missing out a great deal in toys because I only want milk?!

Bethany generally understands this about me and since moving in has been a trooper about our weekly grocery shopping. She also (generally) does a good job at steering me away from most of the stuff I want to buy. For example, on any given shopping trip you will hear me say:

  • “I so see an argument for Spiderman place mats.  Look how cool!’
  • “Of COURSE we need a six person tent. It is on SALE.”
  • “Two words: Lego Batman. I think I need this.”
  • “So hear me out, what if we bought a dozen more spoons so we would have to wash dishes less often?” 

Most of the time I am joking but momentarily carried away. (I did buy the stuffed Lego Batman.) The dangerous thing, however, is when Bethany agrees with me. 

Me: “So hear me out…this is a giant stuffed dragon and it is awesome.”

Bethany: “It is super awesome.”

Me: “And our nephew would love it…”

Bethany: “He would.”

Me: “But his parents wouldn’t. So we would have to keep it. And he can play with it when he comes over”

Bethany: “I would put it in my room…”

Me: “So…we’re buying it?”

Bethany: “Yeah, we’re buying it.”

And that is why there is currently a giant, blue, stuffed dragon across from me.

And possibly why Bethany has two Olafs in her room right now. (Sshhhh, one is a gift. So totally justifiable.) 

Splinter Emergency

Bethany: “Me getting a splinter was the most interesting part of your day?”

Yes, yes it was.

Bethany got a splinter at work today. It was an impressively long one and went deep into her thumb. As soon as we got home, she made a beeline to the bathroom to pull it out.

Alas, like many things in this apartment, she decided I was woefully unequipped.

Bethany: “Do we have needles?”

Me: “Probably. Grandma gave me a sewing kit. But I’m not sure where it is.”

Bethany: “How about a push-pin?”

Me: “Oh, I’ve got one of those.”

Bethany: “What are you handing me?”

Me: “I think you are supposed to use it to start a cell phone. But it looks nice and pointy.”

Bethany: “Hmmm.”

Me: “Oh look! I found the sewing kit. Want me to sterilize the needle?” 

Bethany: “Hmmm.” 

Me: “What candle to use?”

Bethany: “What are you even talking about?”

Me: “You know! You stick the needle in the flame and it kills the germs.”

Bethany: “Hmmm.”

Me: “The only candle I have is Tahitian Coconut.” 

*Bethany sticks the needle in the flames* 

Bethany: “That did not work.”

Me: “Why did it turn black?”

Bethany: “Don’t we just have rubbing alcohol?” 

Me: “Sure!” *manages to squirt everywhere*

Bethany: “Okay, I dug it out. Now I need tweezers so you can pull it out.” 

Me: *produces tweezers*

Bethany: “Why are they so big? Fine, sanitize them.”

Me: *sticks in the flame. They turn black.* “Well, that didn’t work.”

*cleans with rubbing alcohol* 

Bethany: “Why are your hands shaking? All you have to do is pull out the splinter!”

Me: “I don’t like this stuff. I could not be a doctor. Wouldn’t it be funny if I fainted? What a blog post.”

Bethany: “That would not be funny.”

We got the splinter out. I did not faint. Movies lie: candles do not work for sterilizing things. 

Influenza: Day 3

Well, by necessity I’m up and moving today. I attended a meeting this morning, then class, swung into the Law Review office to make edits on our latest publication, led four discussion groups, and now am going to try and get a good chunk a 10-page paper written. (Due tomorrow but cannot do tomorrow since tomorrow is packed.)

I’m not feeling 100% (still on a liquid diet with the occasional saltine cracker to keep my spirits up) but Google says I’m not contagious so I’ve decided to be satisfied with that. I already feel like I’ve missed so much of this week!

My sister Bethany, as noted in my last post, is not the most ideal person to have around when sick. I’m sure she means well. But she is the sort of person who, as I go running to the bathroom to lose the contents of my stomach, looks up from her laptop only long enough to shout:

“You better not get me sick!”

She will go grocery shopping for you if you drive her, which is quite nice of her, but she refuses to buy things she doesn’t see the point in (even if using my money.) For example, I give her the following list:

  • Saltine crackers 
  • Water (Dasani preferred) 
  • Ginger ale
  • An iced green tea
  • Banana

She looks it over. “Geesh, you want the expensive water? And you don’t need saltine crackers, I have almond crackers. And why don’t you just drink my old Snapple? And you don’t eat bananas. Why would I get a banana?”

Me: “Snapple is made with black tea and I’d prefer something lighter but still caffeinated. And while I do not like bananas overly much, they are easy to digest.” 

Bethany: * shakes head*

She emerges from the store with

  • Water (Dasani because they were out of the regular cases of water) 
  • Ginger ale (with an apologetic statement that it is off-brand.)
  • Two bananas

Such queries as, “Did I not put saltine crackers on the list?” meet with an eye roll.

She will, however, demand at various intervals over the next few hours why I have not eaten the bananas yet? What WAS the point in getting them? 

Sisters do keep you humble!