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Belated Siblings Day

My siblings and I always celebrate Siblings Day on October 10. We know there is an official one that falls at some point in the spring. However, we picked October 10 years ago for a very strategic reason. (No opportunities for presents after Elijah’s birthday in August and Christmas in December.)

We don’t always get the opportunity to be together so it was extra special that our schedules aligned only three days late this year.  Happy Siblings Day to us!

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Artistically Minded

I am not artistically minded. Anyone who saw my old apartment could tell you this. I hung no pictures; my furniture theme is “free to me”; and I usually cover it all with layer of books and papers anyway.

I have lived in my present apartment over a month now with generally the same results.

My sister, who is moving in with me, is quite another story. She came to drop a few items off. Within a few hours, she transformed the built in shelves into an adorable display of fake flowers and pretty decorations. Our living room now has a Color Scheme. (Pale pink.) My couch is threatened. (“It is so ugly!”) And my stuffed Captain America has been banished. (He does not match the theme.)

I must say, the place looks vastly better. I knew there was a good reason for having her move in!

The Bunkhouse

This past week, my sister and I drove to Idaho to pick up our other sister and cousin from the camp where they worked this summer. We intentionally made the entire trip flexible. However, we still needed a place to stay at night so once we decided on Mount Rushmore as a good stopping area, I got on my phone and found us a place to crash. We’re a bunch of students. Cheap = good. So I found us a bunkhouse where they provide little cabins with bunk beds and a shared shower house. Bring your own bedding. 

For the record, I did ask the others for their input. The bunkhouse looked fine online. I booked it and received an e-mail reminding me to bring my own bedding. 

Check-in supposedly ended at 9 pm. We planned to arrive by 8:30. I got a call at 7:30 from the manager informing me she was going home and that she’d text me the code to get into our cabin. Also, did I get the message that they did not provide bedding? (I did.)

We arrived in the dark. And by arrived I mean exited the freeway, drove for fifteen minutes on abandoned back country roads, and turned too early on the dimly lit road to the cabins. If you can call it a road. No obvious parking lot existed so even after finding the correct turn we drove on the grass to reach our cabin. 

The place was abandoned. Not another car to be seen. 

Then we entered the cabin. To quote my sister, “I did not need to check for bed bugs because I could already see the dead bugs all over the mattress.” 

Instead of a four bed bunkhouse like we expected, we got a bunk with two queen size mattresses. We did not mind sharing, but the website definitely promised four. And it wasn’t just sharing with one another. We apparently were supposed to share with an entire graveyard of moths, beetles, and spiders. 

So many spiders. I’m not afraid to kill an arachnid but even I found the spider guarding our cabin intimidating. He was easily the size of a quarter. 

Some (I won’t name names) vowed to sleep in the van. I protested that we paid for the cabin so by golly we should use it! Anyway, we were leaving early the next morning. A few hours wouldn’t hurt us. 

We then went to the shower house. At first glance, it at least appeared clean. Second glance revealed even more bugs than the cabin. Live crickets and dead beetles hung out in the sink. Spiders clung to the rafters. But what finally broke me were the moths. 

The moths lived in the toilets. 

Imagine doing your business and all of a sudden a moth comes up from between your legs. Or reaching for toilet paper and a moth flutters out with the paper. I screamed. My sisters screamed. My cousin probably screamed. 

Lest you think us heartless to our fellow campers, remember, there were no other guests. And the staff all left way early. 

I am not going to lie. We ran back to our cabin, grabbed our stuff, dodged the giant watch-spider, and drove like a bat out of hell. No destination needed. Just out.

The next place we stayed at had a hot tub and continental breakfast.


About 90 degrees separate my sister and I but we still manage to dress alike. #twinning

Siblings’ Day!

As I’ve mentioned before, October 10 is a Particularly Special Day for my siblings and I. Many years ago, it dawned on us that no holiday of interest existed between our youngest brother’s birthday in August and Christmas! So we created one: Siblings’ Day. And that day is…today! 

Coincidentally, it is also Mental Health Day at the law school. So while this post is a shout-out to my siblings for being amazing, this is also a shout-out to my siblings for keeping me sane in law school. 

My brothers and sisters make me laugh. They listen to me rant. They listen to me ramble. Sam gives me random calls to catch up on life. Anna Facebook messages with me throughout the day. Bethany fangirls with me over Miraculous Ladybug and Barbie and Webtoons. Elijah drops what he is doing when I come home to talk with me (and usually make sure I’m fed.) 

I really have the best bunch of siblings and I’m ever so grateful for every one of them. ❤ 

(We don’t have a recent picture of just us – gotta remedy that – but here is one of us with my Mom and sister-in-law on Mother’s Day.)

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The Greatest Shower

My sister-in-law loves the movie The Greatest Showman, so for her baby shower, my sisters planned The Greatest Shower! They did an amazing job. Everything was super fun and creative. Check out some of the decorations! 

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I like voting with my sisters. It makes me feel powerful. 1…2…3…we walked into the polling place to collect our ballots. Rattled off names. Showed IDs. Joked and laughed and filled in the little bubbles. This primary maters (every primary matters…) and voting with my sisters makes me feel like my voice is magnified. Or their voices are magnified. Our voices. 

Voting is definitely one of the best parts of being an adult.