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20,000 Steps in Heels

Today I worked 13 hours and took 20,000 steps in high heels. I feel fairly brain dead. To give you an idea how brain dead, the cable guy at Wal Mart asked me who my cable provider was and I told him “I live at home so I don’t have to worry about it.” I think I meant something like, “I live with my parents” but it wasn’t until I had taken several steps that his, “you live at home?” finally processed in my brain. Whoops.

It was a good day, though. I plan to end it with some Remington Steele and no alarm clock. Take that, morning. 

A House of Sleepyheads

Tonight is the last night we girls have the house to ourselves before the boys come back from their mission trip. Are we partying it up? Playing loud music? Eating more Korean? 

Not quite. In fact, it is not 6 o’clock and we are all ready for bed.

It is gray and cold and lousy out and inside we’re flopped out, ready to watch a k drama episode or two. And then off to bed! Hurray! 

In bed by 9

I almost forgot to blog today 😮 

It is only 8:54 but I am already half asleep. This is day 3 of being in bed before 9 for me. I hope I am not getting sick!

I finished two books today. The first was Sailing Alone Around the World by Joshua Slocum which I did not expect to like but did. The second was Jackaby by William Ritter which I expected to love but ended up barley tolerating. I am now listening to Love Is the Killer App by Tim Sanders. So far I find it boring but perhaps it will pick up. 

That is all for me, have a good night everyone! 

Bossy Fitbit

My Fitbit is bossy. When it is done charging, it says things like “hug me.” However, today was a new low (high?), even for it. My Fitbit has been bugging me to set some New Years goals so I finally clicked on it to see what it would suggest.  There wasn’t anything too surprising (add exercise days, take more steps, etc.) until I got to sleep:

“Whoo hoo! Now let’s set a sleep goal. Based on your average of 9 hours and 17 minutes sleep per night, here’s a place to start: 9hr.”

In other words, my Fitbit is trying to tell me to sleep less.


COLD! And sleepy…

It is 6 degrees out! The winter sun and I have a lot in common….

How the winter sun works:

An extra hour of sleep

I could really rename this blog Amy and the Quest for More Sleep. Compared to the rest of America, I guess I sleep a lot. I average 9 hours. But I seem to blog about this a lot. I guess that is because I blog before going to bed half the time and I am usually dead tired by that point. Like right now.

This all basically to say, I appreciate the extra hour of sleep and I am going to go to bed now because even if my brain thinks it is 8:30, it is now 9:30 and I am tired. 


I was going to write a blog post about driving and how challenging it can be to be a passenger when you’re used to being in the driver seat, but tonight I am exhausted so maybe I’ll save that for another day. At my most conservative estimate, I have logged over a thousand miles of driving this past week. I am too tired to think beyond that fact or remember a clever story from today…I will try better tomorrow. Sleep well everyone! I am not setting an alarm clock and I’m very excited about this. 😁