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No Spring Chicken

My Mom says everything goes downhill once you hit 40. I dunno. I turned 26 five days ago and now I can’t stay up past 11 without feeling the consequences. 

Then again, I never really could. 

Yesterday I went out for trivia with friends. It ended at 9:30 (in Madison) so I didn’t make it home till 11.

I felt brain dead all day. 

But in the big scheme of things, 11 is not that late. I almost guarantee every one of my fellow law students stays out that late or later on a regular basis. Not me! I need a good 9 hours of sleep. 

Amusingly, my boss also stayed up till 11ish last night and also was fairly dead today. But I think I can give him a good 40 years on me so he has more of an excuse. 

An Inauspicious Beginning

For an amazing trip, my journey to Mae Sot did not start out amazingly! In fact, it started with me losing my debit card.

More precisely, I must have lost my debit card about a week earlier. That’s the last time I remember having it. Almost everything here runs on cash. Accordingly, I spent the hours before my trip slightly panicking and trying to leave a list of instructions with my groggy Mom before getting on a bus and potentially losing data connectivity. 

My Mom, however, was amazing ❤ ❤ ❤ and got it all sorted out for me. I still did not think I would be able to make it on the trip but my friend offered to lend me the money to make the trip happen. I am eternally grateful to both of them.

Mae Sod and I then jumped in a taxi to head to the bus stop. Except our taxi driver did not know what he was doing. That’s the kindest spin I can put on it. Since we were using the Grab app, he did not get extra money for going out of his way, so I’m not sure why he could not seem to find the right road. I did, however, wonder a time or two if we were going to get murdered. He kept going down dark roads under construction. (In his defense, that might be the only way to get to the bus stop. And every road seems sketchy at night.)

We arrived at the bus stop much later than expected and met up with Phuc and Sunny. And then we began to wait.

And wait.

And wait.

There was a delay, of course. This is Thailand. But we sat at the spot our tickets told us to for over an hour waiting. Thankfully, my friends started chatting with a fellow passenger also headed to Mae Sot and he somehow knew when our bus came in. As it was a spot several rows away from where our tickets said to go, I do not know how anyone found it. I certainly do not know how we would have found it without him!

I am afraid I did not take this delay with much grace. You see, I like sleep. I consider 8 hours a night barley tolerable. 9 hours is necessary. 10 slightly extravagant but occasionally necessary. To achieve this, I go to bed by 10 pm. Back home, I promptly fall asleep within seconds. Here it sometimes takes me as long as fifteen minutes, which is certainly irksome. But overall, I embrace my superhero like ability to fall asleep almost instantly anywhere. 

Our bus originally left after 10 and actually left closer to midnight. As you can imagine, I went from “sleepy” to “overtired toddler” mode in record time. It also did not help that we waited in the steamy, hot bus terminal packed with people You could hardly move without bumping into someone. Every time a bus needed to back out, it sent people scurrying into one another while dragging boxes and bags out of the way of the bus! Too many people, far too humid, and no sleep: a combination I never want to meet again. 

Thankfully, I quickly crashed on the bus!

Unhelpful Notes

I’ve been compiling my class notes as a study guide for my upcoming final. While at it, I came upon a concept that confused me so I flipped through my notebook to find that day, where I discovered I helpfully noted:

“This is really important but I’m too sleepy to understand what the professor is talking about.” 


I wish I could say this was a one day notation, but to be honest, a significant chunk of my notes look like that. 

A Day in Bed

I caught the stomach flu just starting to go around. I opted to not do anything today and stay in bed and sleep. And so I did sleep, a full 8 hours past when I normally wake up. And now I’m laying here, idly perusing the numerous e-mails and messages going unanswered. 

I forgot how much you don’t care when you’re sick. 

Is this a forced day off? I don’t know. I thought I had a forced day off this weekend with my friend visiting. You still get stuff done on days off. I barely have the energy to make myself a cup of broth.  

But it is kind of nice too, this forced not caring. I don’t have the energy. I can panic about everything tomorrow. 

I think I’ll go back to sleep now.

Bookworm Problems

Last night I resisted the voice in my head that said I should do homework and curled up with a book instead. Unfortunately, it was very lousy read. I felt super cranky that my evening off was devoted to something so unworthy. A 1 star read. So, I finished another book. A better book. A 5 star book. And I couldn’t sleep. 

I tried for a little bit before restlessly picking up a third book. An average book. I haven’t finished, but I suspect a 2 star read. 

All of this meant that when I finally did fall asleep, it was much later than I planned. And when I woke up, it was much later than I expected. So much for early to bed and early to rise. It all would have worked out so well if that first book hadn’t been so bad!


Hot Turkey

I have gone cold turkey on coffee before but I think I accidently went hot coffee. In the course of pulling an all-nighter I drank so much of the stuff the very idea of coffee now turns my stomach.

Will it last? Who knows. Desperation for caffeine may drive me back. But for now the overabundance of it has left me wanting none!

Inspiring Words

I’m running on about 30 minutes of sleep and won’t get home till after 10 tonight. Then I get to do it all over again tomorrow. Feeling a little loopy but I keep repeating the Dowager Countess’s words and I keep chugging. 

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