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An Epic Final

Today as I settled down in the law school library to take my 8-hour take home final, the pipes decided to start banging. They do that, upon occasion. Imagine you’re sitting there, in a conversation whe…

Bang bang bang.

Constantly interrupts everything.

It is most

Bang bang bang.

Annoying. And unfortunately impacts every part of the library. The librarians say the pipes bang because of temperature changes. Erg. But the countdown started on my final and I didn’t want to waste time moving all my stuff. 

Bang. Bang. Bang.

To avoid the noise, I put in earbuds and went to my go-to DJs…my siblings. Usually Anna, but this time Elijah had the perfect playlist for me. Epic battle music. 

No, seriously, it is several days worth of the best battle/intense soundtracks out there. (Search Epic/Intense Battle Music on Spotify) My essay on why Chevron deference creates a separation of powers problem is going to be way more exciting than my professor bargained for. It is hard to write sedately with the rising sound of battle in your ears. 


In Which I Attempt to Rebel With Heavy Metal

Me: “I am listening to heavy metal to assuage my angry feelings.”

Friend: “I’m trying to think of a way to ask what a Homeschooler considers heavy metal without sounding condescending…” 

Me: “Good question. I typed “metal” into Spotify and am listening to something with lots of yelling. I can’t understand any of the words.”

Friend: “You are officially a grandma.”

*5 minutes later*

Me: “My ears really hurt.”