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20,000 Steps in Heels

Today I worked 13 hours and took 20,000 steps in high heels. I feel fairly brain dead. To give you an idea how brain dead, the cable guy at Wal Mart asked me who my cable provider was and I told him “I live at home so I don’t have to worry about it.” I think I meant something like, “I live with my parents” but it wasn’t until I had taken several steps that his, “you live at home?” finally processed in my brain. Whoops.

It was a good day, though. I plan to end it with some Remington Steele and no alarm clock. Take that, morning. 

Fitbit Inspiration

So as you know by now, I had high hopes that getting a Fitbit would inspire me to be more active. For the most part, it has worked. My natural self-competitiveness has inspired me to at least hit 10,000 steps a day. However, I have found something even more motivating than than beating myself: beating my brother.

Actually, to be honest, he is beating me by a good 7,000 steps this week. He also beat me last week. But I beat him the week before that! It is amazing how much you want to move when a good sibling rivalry is on the line.

I don’t actually know if he knows we are competing…but it is so on. 

Fitbit Steps

EVERYONE! Today I finally hit the goal I have been secretly aiming at for at least a week! I took over 25,000 steps in one day. To be precise, 26,260 steps today! That’s just over 10 miles. This is an exciting day for me AND it wasn’t like I was doing anything unusual. Just work. Then I came home and went on a long walk with my Mom followed by a long walk with my Dad…so maybe sort of unusual but totally worth it. Yay goals! My plan to obsess myself into health is working!

Fitbit Day 1

I realize 24 hours is hardly enough time to pass judgement on my new Fitbit, but that is basically what I’ve focused on all day so that’s what I’ve got on the brain. My plan to challenge myself seems to be working. I’m just under 13,000 steps today! I think that is good? It also says I’ve done 52 floors (I assume that means stairs and not flights of stairs?) I’ve got green circles (goal met) on everything but calories burned, but I’m only 20 calories short on that and assume it will turn green before I go to bed.

At any rate, I find my Fitbit very motivational. I’m all for green circles! Don’t worry, I’ll try and find something more interesting to write about tomorrow.