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Days Off

I’ve been rather lackadaisical since taking my last exam. I keep telling myself I will do the things I pushed off while finishing this past semester, but then I don’t do the things. It has reached the point where my friend sent me this meme and said: this is you.

And she’s not wrong. But also…ouch?

The Allure of New

I have a problem.

I love shiny, new opportunities. 

Or maybe even dull, old opportunities. 

I realized that today after I got off the call with an experienced attorney and friend of mine who asked if I had looked into clerking for a judge. (I guess this is the part where I inform all of you like I did him that I did, got far in the interview process, and did not get the clerkship.) I thought I reconciled myself to not choosing that path. But hanging up the phone with him, I found the little voice in my head went into overdrive. 

What if, what if, what if. What if I’m settling. What if I don’t even know it. What if something better is just around the bend and I’m missing it because I’m not putting in just a teeny bit more effort. 

And my day wasn’t done. A few minutes later I got an e-mail from a former employer of mine. In essence, he asked “Are you committed to your current job yet? Because if not, I have a really incredible job opportunity…Wouldn’t want to steal you if you had committed though…”

Ohohohohohohohohohohoho was I intrigued. 

I politely said I was committed but thank you for thinking of me.

Inside though my sense of adventure pricked up its ears like a hound dog. New, new, new, new, new.

New adventures! New unknowns! New opportunities! Why am I caging myself in?!

It is funny because often on this blog I bemoan change. I talk about how frustrated I feel moving frequently. About church hopping because I’m rarely in one city consistently. About missing stuff because I’m off chasing an adventure.

I feel like it is a constant war inside of me. Stability versus adventure. But my friend gave me some good advice while I bemoaned my frustration with saying no to new opportunities.

“Contentment is a virtue that takes work.” 

And so, even though my itch for the unknown threatens to overwhelm me, I’m going to ignore it. Because I’m excited for the new in front of me. I’m excited for my new job. And I’m excited for the summer and another apartment in Madison. This may not look like new opportunity, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t new. And it is good. It is good even though I don’t feel content, because contentment is a virtue that takes work. 

Law School Final To Do List (Update 2)

Almost. There.

  • Contract Drafting project
  • Advanced Legal Research paper 
  • Crim Pro final
  • Civ Pro II final
  • Fill out all the externship paperwork
  • Work project
  • Grade 29 student papers
  • Lead the final discussion group
  • Grade student finals

Learning a Semester’s Worth of Class in a Weekend

Why did I think Civil Procedure II would be a good class to take?!

Oh, yes. I kept pushing off the conflict of laws requirement and got stuck with the class because it was the only one being offered my final semester. 

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New plan for exam:

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Second to Last Final

*0 minutes into the exam*

I’m not going to study for my next final today.

*30 minutes into the exam*

Wow! I’m feeling remarkably alert. Maybe when I’m done I’ll start studying for my next final. 

*1 hour into the exam*

Well, I’m still doing great. This is going to be such a productive day.

*2 hours into the exam*

Okay, maybe not as energetic. But I could still create a study plan for tomorrow. And that is more than I expected to do.

*3 hours into the exam*

I’m not going to study for my next final today.

*3.5 hours into the exam*

I’m so tired my vision is foggy and I’m even wearing glasses. But I’m done. 



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Meanwhile, Bethany:

Dancing girls, ballerinas, people and couples dancing

Study Snacks

Upside to having my sister as a roommate during finals: she cleans and occasionally cooks so I don’t live in squalor and I occasionally eat real food.

Downside to having my sister as a roommate during finals: she eats all my study snacks!

Quote: “It isn’t like I ate your peanut MnMs! And those have been calling my name.” 

A Thank You Every Day of Finals (Just…Not On Here)

I’ve been feeling quite negative about finals this semester–and law school always–so I decided to do something about it. I challenged myself to publicly thank someone every day of finals on Facebook that I would not normally thank but who somehow touched my law school life. 

The first day I chose two classmates who I sat by me my first year of law school. 

Today I chose someone who gave me good advice about law school in high school. 

And honestly, my plan has worked well. Thinking about all the people who cheered me on over the last 3…or 10…years has really shifted my mindset. 

I’m dead tired tonight from work and dreading my final Friday but I’m cheered up thinking of who to recognize tomorrow!