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Mega Church

Bethany and I visited a megachurch today and it had…A PARKING GARAGE. 

No joke.

It was a huge building with three separate auditoriums in the main church (and three campuses.) 

But despite its size, the church was super friendly and several people (on staff and off) said hello. It wasn’t a great Sunday to visit since they were vision casting but I definitely think we will be back. And with services offered at 9 different times…it sure is easy to go! 

Sunday With Family

Today all my family went to my brother’s church to hear him preach his first sermon. All of us. We haven’t been in one place together since January, maybe December. Sam did a terrific job on the sermon; it was convicting and powerful. The church was wrapping up a sermon series on ‘Heroes and Villains of the Bible’ and Sam spoke on Adam and Eve and the masks we all wear. 

(There is a picture of all of us siblings together but none of us like it–sorry, Mom–so I’m not sharing.) 

Rounded out the day with quality time with my nephew! Aunt life is the best.

Karen Church

Though Mae Sod thought I might be popular with the locals, I solidly played third (or fourth…) fiddle to my travel companions. No one wanted to hear English when they could hear Chinese or Vietnamese for the first time! All the Karen people in the village were super kind and fed us mountain food. Mae Sod’s aunt lent us some Karen clothing, so we blended right in! 😉 

On Sunday we attended church. The service was quite fun. We took communion with them, probably one of the most unique communions I’ve taken–English alphabet crackers and juice that tasted like bubble gum. The service was in Karen so I did not understand it but I recognized the melodies of some of the songs I heard. There were lots of songs. I don’t kid when I say maybe a dozen. 

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They asked us to introduce ourselves and speak a few words. We all considered our route up the mountain an adventure, but Phuc especially took it to heart. After introducing himself, he told the villagers: “You must have an amazing connection with Jesus. Where you live reminds me of Psalm 23. It is the shadow of the valley of death!”

A Sunday off…

Youth group was canceled tonight so I went to the early church service and luxuriously planned my day off. Somehow, though, instead of getting my few chores done and napping/reading my way through the remaining hours, I ended up going shopping. Like, serious, almost 6 hour of walking around the mall shopping. I ended today with 19,000 steps! 

I didn’t go Black Friday shopping so I suppose today counted for that. And you can never have too many sweaters, right?