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FINALly Done

It is official: 24 hour finals are truly terrible things. 

It is not that the exam itself “takes” 24 hour. There are not 1400 short answer questions or anything. It is just that it is hard and so you spend the whole 24 hours second-guessing the answer you put down because it does not feel like enough.

From start to finish, I took 21 hours but that does include 9 hours of sleep.

But it is finished and I am halfway through 3L year!

Sort of. I kid you not, just as I clicked “upload” on my exam I got an e-mail from the professor I TA for asking where I was at with grading the students’ finals because they are due ASAP.

No rest for the wicked. 

The Missing Final

Thought I was done talking about Thailand? Me too. 

But guess what Thammasat University finally produced this morning? The final I never received

As in, the final due June 15 that they never sent out? Yeah, it is now due July 15.

Good thing I didn’t get around to throwing out my notes yet. (That was actually what I planned to do this weekend because who expects a final at the end of June when school has been out over a month?)

To quote my Mom, it is like I’m back being homeschooled. School never ends. You just do it all summer.

Finals Update

Today I completed my third in-class final and hopefully spent my last day on campus. 

While I previously listed some of the absurdities of this experience, the craziness continues. 

For example, in yesterday’s final one of the proctors came in and began speaking Thai. I stared blankly at him for a while hoping he would notice not everyone was following. Eventually I gave up and went back to taking my test. He finally recognized me after about ten minutes, however, and explained that there was confusion as to how much the final was worth. 

As if I did not already know it. This was the class where the professor’s syllabus read: midterm = 50%, paper = 40%, final = 10%. Except we never wrote a paper. 

The professor informed the office that our final was worth 10%. Someone apparently did the math and realized it did not add up. We gave a presentation worth 20% at one point but that still left 20% of our grade unaccounted for. The office spent the entire 3 hour test trying to get hold of the professor to clarify what the final was worth. 

She sent a message after the final to inform us that, yes, the final was worth 10%. The missing 20% was going to be credited to us as a full score…just because, I guess. 

Today I had another final. Once again the proctor spoke Thai. I finally got sick of waiting for him to notice me (for the record, this person works in the office and sees me almost every day so he cannot claim to not know my language limitations. Also, this is an English program.) I finally waived him down and requested a translation. Apparently there was an error on the final exam and he wanted to make us aware of it. A helpful heads up.

As for my take home exams, they remain up in the air. I finally e-mailed the office to ask when we would receive one of them. They said it would come whenever the professor decided to send it. The professor claims he already sent it. My classmates just shrug and say it isn’t due till June 15th anyway so no rush. 

I received a copy of my other take home exam but still have no way to turn it in. The professor says he asked the office for a link for us to turn it in. The office (you’ll never guess) claim they never received a request. And, yes, my classmates do not care because it also isn’t due till the middle of June. 

The calm way everyone handles the situation makes me wonder if I am the crazy one and everything is normal. But this cannot be normal. Right? Right? 

Finals: AKA What Is Going ON???

Honestly, I do not know how anyone manages to graduate from Thammasat University. I am told the other departments do not run as haphazardly as the legal department. But really, I don’t know how any of the students keep track of anything. My entire finals experience has been nothing but chaos! 

I am taking 5 classes. Allow me to briefly summarize my experiences: 

Class 1: The professor announces that any student who wishes to write a paper instead of taking the final may do so. I tell him I want to write a paper; we select a topic; I do initial research. A month before the final, I check in to ask if he wants an outline or draft before I turn in my final work. He looks surprised and informs me he did not realize I was writing a paper; no one is writing a paper; I should just take the final instead. I protest. He insists. I end up taking the final. 

Class 2: The professor gives out a syllabus at the beginning of class and another one a few weeks later when she makes some scheduling changes. Both clearly state: midterm = 50% of the grade, paper = 40%, final = 10%. As I review for the upcoming final, it occurs to me we never did write a paper. I ask my classmate. She says the final is worth 30% of our grade. I ask what happened to the remaining 20%. She sort of shrugs and after digging through my notes I see we had an in-class presentation. Apparently that was worth 20%. 

Class 3: The professor strolls into class and inquires how the take-home final is going. We all stare at him blankly. Take-home final? Now he looks surprised. Did the office not send out the final like he asked? No, no the office did not. Oh, well, if one student will provide their e-mail, he will send the final to that student and the student can distribute it to everyone else. Except guess whose e-mail that student does not have? Mine. I managed to get a grainy picture of the final from someone who took a shot of it from their phone. Exactly how we turn in the final once we finish remains unclear. Apparently the office will contact us.

Class 4: The office sends out a list of in-class finals with rooms and times. I ask my classmate how she is studying for it since we’ve had at least 6 different professors for this class. She says only one professor is testing us and it is a take-home exam. I say it is not a take-home exam; the office clearly put it on the list of in-class finals. She says the professor changed his mind. I flip through my notes. Sure enough, he told us a take-home. I ask where we get the take-home. She says he hasn’t given it to us yet. I ask when we should expect it. She doesn’t know. I ask another classmate. She thinks we might receive it Monday. Maybe Tuesday. It will be due in June. When in June? Uncertain. 

Class 5: I don’t know how to study for this final. Because the office kept scheduling another class at the same time, I only attended about half the courses we are being tested on. The professor responded to my e-mail for more information brusquely and basically told me her portion of teaching is done. I assume this means I can expect no further clarification. If I had a friend in this class, I could ask for notes. But far from being friendly, the students did their best to ostracize me. [And if you think I am being paranoid, allow me to inform you they actually switched their conversations from English to Thai when I walked by trying to find a discussion group to join because my group members all bailed. The professor saw and yelled at them and they designated one person to converse with me in English while they continued their conversation in Thai. My designated conversation partner spent the entire time looking miserable.]

In summary, I am a law student who might fail a freshman level course because I cannot figure out how any of this works.