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Thai Royal Ice Cream – CORN

I tried the corn flavor of Thai Royal Ice Cream. It tastes exactly like someone took a can of cream of corn and froze it to a stick. You’re literally eating chunks of corn in coconut milk. I’m a little baffled by it – and not going to lie, it isn’t my new favorite – but it sure makes for a memorable experience. 

Corn seems to be a popular desert staple here, though? I’ve been surprised by how many sweet things it has turned up in. I kind of feel like Iowans would either love this or rightly point out that corn doesn’t belong with this much sugar. 

Delicious Dessert

I found a new favorite dessert: Thai Royal Ice Cream.
More specifically, Thai Royal Ice Cream’s Taro flavored ice cream.

I have also tried the Ruammit flavor. It is also very good, but strange. There are chunks of tapioca noodles and jack fruit and who knows what else frozen into the coconut milk.

There are a whole bunch of other flavors (like corn!) and I can’t wait to try them all.