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What do I eat?

“What do you eat?” asks my roommate, peering at the food on my shelf: tofu, shredded cheese, and half-quart of milk. 

“I eat…what’s in my cupboard!” I suggest. We open my cupboard. “Rice! Except…I’m out of rice. Oatmeal. Kiwis. Almonds. And I think I have a pizza in the fridge.” 

“You should go grocery shopping,” she recommends. I think about my bank account and shake my head. 

“It’s enough!” Because somehow, it is usually enough. 

Supper rolls around. I stare at my cupboards, trying to figure out if I had a plan for dinner. Maybe I do need to go grocery shopping. 

Then my other roommate comes home. “Amy! Do you want mussels?” she asks. “I’m heating some up. And we can have rice, peas, yogurt, rolls…” 

There you have it, folks. I haven’t starved this semester because my roommate feeds me. Yet another reason to be grateful for the girls who share this tiny living space with me!



A lot has been changing for me lately and I will be free to say more about that in the next few weeks. For now, I just want to share in the vaguest possible way how grateful I am for those around me. I’ve been feeling some strain because I haven’t been able to share on this blog some of the emotions whirling around inside my head. Gratitude, however, is not one I need to keep contained. 

I’m grateful for my family. Moving home after college could have been a really hard decision. I have never regretted it. My parents and siblings are incredibly supportive and kind. They put up with a lot from me and are fun to be around. Seriously, I have a wonderful family. I’m grateful for this time with them. I’m grateful for my extended family too. I have the best aunts and uncles and cousins and grandparents. It has been so nice to be near them, even if I do not see them all the time. 

I’m grateful for my friends: both the new ones and the old ones. I never expected to find such community in my small home town. I’m grateful for continued friendships from college and high school. I’ve got to travel and visit and bond over the past two years with some really awesome people. 

Though full of ups and downs, life is good. God is good. I’m grateful for where I am at. 


To say I feel better today would be the understatement of the century. Granted, I basically haven’t left my room, but I have been funcitoning all day on limited or NO PAIN MEDS! :O

I feel happier and sleepier and in general more like my old self. Hopefully I will continue in this direction! This is hardly a full recovery, but it is certainly encouraging to feel better. Thank you to everyone who has been praying for me! 


I was tagged by kathyscottage to participate in the Three Day Quote Challenge! Check out her blog – https://katiescottagebooks.wordpress.com/

Official Rules ~

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1. Thank you for tagging me!

2. Day 2 Quote ~ 

“The next day brought more visitors. Sarah was eating a simple luncheon with Charis, Ariel, and Guinevere and was experiencing for the first time in her life the pleasure of talking freely with other girls she trusted. It wasn’t that they talked about anything of importance. Indeed, most of their conversation was hopelessly trivial- Mordecai would have shaken his head sadly over such frivolity, Sarah reflected with an inward smile. But to talk so openly, and to laugh so unrestrainedly, was somehow far more significant than any single thing that was said.” – Gerald Morris, The Princess, the Crone, and the Dung-Cart Knight

3. I nominate Hope – therawtoast.wordpress.com 

The Facebook Birthday Dilemma

I love birthdays in general and my birthday in particular. It is fun to have a whole day all about you. I especially love all the birthday greetings on Facebook. It reminds me that – even if only for a moment – people thought of me today. I love how the birthday wishes come from people in all directions of life: work friends, college friends, old family friends, family members, neighbors, etc. Some I have met for the first time this year, others have known me for years. I feel so cherished.

However, I also am faced with a dilemma. How do I respond to all these birthday greetings? Do I ‘like’ them all? Reply with ‘thank you’? Leave a personalized message?

I tried the personalized message thing last year and it lasted about 6 people. I had only so much to say! While there were some people I was happy to catch up with, the majority of well wishers were acquaintances of the I-met-you-at-camp-5-years-ago variety.  Eventually I was just writing wordy thank yous. There went that plan. 

Option 2: reply “thank you” to every post. This gets the job done and acknowledges that I saw their greeting. However, it is super generic and boring. If I am honest, I don’t feel it is very necessary and I shrug it off when people respond that way to my posts on their wall. ‘Cause then, how do you acknowledge their thank you? With a like? Ahhhhhhhh

Maybe there is a specific protocol and I just don’t know it. I’ve decided to give up this year and just thank or like or comment on whatever post I felt inclined to thank/like/or comment on. I think it was a pretty good life decision. 

Sooooooo, thank you for the birthday wishes, all!

My Mom

The adjective I would apply to my Mom this Mother’s Day? Sacrificial. A Mom’s job is one of the most sacrificial roles out there. I can’t imagine how my Mom does it. Day after day, year after year, she has sacrificed her time, attention, and energy to turn me into the woman I am today. Even though I’m graduated and theoretically adulting, I still rely on her every day. Thank you, Mom, for everything you do for me and my siblings. Thank you for your sacrifices and your strength. Thank you for being my teacher and editor and fashion consultant and constant soundboard. I am grateful to be your daughter! ❤


Message From the Mothership

This past week I received a surprise gift in the mail from the Generation Joshua Leadership Corps. 

It contained a t-shirt, a copy of The Joshua Generation, and a kind note. The package really made my week. 

Back when we had a Generation Joshua club, my Dad used to refer to Gen J HQ as “The Mothership.” Though I don’t get to do as much as I would like with it, being a part of the Leadership Corps helps me remain connected to “The Mothership” and all the awesome people who work there. I highly recommend any graduated Gen Jer take the time and join the Corps. It is worth it. (And not just because you get a t-shirt. There is the added bonus of interacting with the new Gen Jers, who are awesome people!)

Thank you to Gen J HQ for the awesome gift!