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25: A Year In Review

I am spending my last day as a 25-year-old working on a Law & Information Technology final for a class that ended in May. It feels oddly symbolic–and utterly depressing. 

I also work today. This too feels symbolic. I spent most of the first half of my year in this office crafting my law review note and trying to squeeze work hours in while juggling twenty other commitments. 

Neither memory leaves me feeling particularly joyful. 25 is not a year I would willingly repeat. 

Colorado, Madison, Thailand, Madison some more. The real takeaway I see from 25 is that the second year of law school is somehow more terrible than first year. And I didn’t even think that was possible. 

I suppose I grew as a writer and traveler this past year. I overcame a lot. I think I also failed a lot. Or at least I fell flat on my face more times than I care to count. 

I am not sure what hopes to have for 26. It will cover one more year of law school. It feels a bit like one more year to ‘get through,’ which I don’t want to be the case. I love birthdays because they mean a new start. But with 2L year still nipping at my heels and 3L year looming ahead, I feel more braced than expectant. 

But you know what? Here is to 26. As my favorite poet, Tanner Olson, says: hope doesn’t let the story end.

And another year of law school is not the end of the story. So, that is how I want to approach 26. Hopeful. Even if I am not really sure what to hope for. Because it represents a new year and a new chance to kick law school’s butt. Or at least try not to let it totally kick mine. 

12 Hours Off

My last day, I met up with a friend for a quick lunch before heading to the airport. My flight left at 6 pm. Or so I thought. 

Turns out, in my eagerness to leave Bangkok, I somehow confused the times. I didn’t leave till 6 am the next day. 

Which left me a whole night with no place to go and three huge suitcases. 

Thankfully, I made this discovery at lunch and my friend kindly offered to let me crash at her apartment. Thailand, as per usual, was not going to let me go without a traffic jam. We hailed a taxi for the 40 minute trip to her apartment…

And arrived 3 hours later. 

It ended up working out, however. My friend helped me repack my suitcases and we watched movies and walked around her local mall. She was flying out a week later also to move back home to the U.S. so it was a day of goodbyes for both of us. 

I made it to the airport by 2 am and managed to stay awake till I boarded my flight.

It all feels very symbolic, in a way. I showed up too early. A friend reached out her hand and helped pull me out of my confusion and anxiety. Traffic made things messy. It all worked out in the end. 

And that it did. It all worked out in the end. 

Rainforest Guest House & Café

I spent my final [official] night in Thailand at Rainforest Guest House & Café. I highly recommend the place if you find yourself in Bangkok. Though called a hostel, it comes with your own room, bathroom, and a complimentary breakfast…all for under $20!

Image result for the rainforest hostel bangkok thailand

It is the sort of place you feel like should be the background for a movie. It is cute in a vintage, start-of-an-inconvenient-adventure sort of way.

In fact, that’s exactly what I told my sister when I first arrived:

“I am in a romantic comedy right now. First, my hostel comes with a really narrow stairwell which you have to drag your suitcase up to get to your room, which totally feels like what the heroine from a rom com would have to do. And second, I’m wearing a hat and I never wear hats. It is totally something the heroine from a rom com would do.”

Well, nothing romantic happened during my stay and most of the comedy involved me laughing at myself,  but I still recommend the place!

Image may contain: Amy Buchmeyer, smiling, hat and closeup(Look at that hat. Totally belongs in a romantic comedy)

Thailand Church Goodbye

My final days in Thailand left me feeling very loved by my church family. 


It wasn’t necessarily anything specific…


Shopping, laughter, extra messages asking when I’m leaving or what my last days looked like. 


But they made me feel loved and seen. I even got a shout out in church. 


And though there isn’t a lot I would say I miss about Thailand, my church there is definitely one thing. 


I cannot imagine the last few months without them. They became my family. ❤

Wrapping up Thailand

“How was Thailand? Amazing?” people who do not read my blog regularly always ask. 

I’ve yet to come up with a good answer.

Usually I smile, or at least, I try to smile. It might come across more as a grimace. And I say, “Oh, it was an experience.” 

And then I tell them about the elephants or the beaches or Karen refugees. The exciting stuff. But because I can’t help myself, because I feel like it represents more of my semester, I add honestly:

“The school part was really hard.”

Sometimes I add more. Usually they do not want more. Not that I blame them. Who cares about school administrators who don’t send finals or taxi drivers that charge a few extra dollars

I mean, elephants.

Those of you who read my blog understand, and I appreciate it immensely. You get what I am talking about when I call Thailand a mixed bag. But I do love talking with everyone. I love talking about the good parts of Thailand. I love being home. I love my job. I love my new glasses. Really, I sometimes wonder if I dramatize Thailand because home feels so nice. Almost three weeks absence from Bangkok has not made my heart grow fonder. 

But really, what should I expect from three weeks? 

I have a few more posts about Thailand to go. Posts about goodbyes and cool hostels and final memories. Happy things I want to remember. 

But the final, happy memories come from a foundation of homesickness, loneliness, and anxiety. The bitter and sweet, ever mixed together. I guess that was Thailand for me. Good and bad. Amazing and painful. Even if it does not come to the surface, it hangs in the background of every conversation about my trip. I want to be happy, to only focus on the amazing.

Yet if I want to continue growing from the experience, I think I must hold on to the balance. I cannot lose sight of one or the other. So, yeah, Thailand had elephants and they were amazing. But gosh darn it, those taxi drivers were also a pain in the neck too!

Korea ~ Final Thoughts

If you get the chance to go to Busan, South Korea, do so. 

Those are my final thoughts.

But seriously, I am very glad I went. South Korea met my high expectations and proved a delightful, beautiful place to visit. 

Image may contain: skyscraper, sky, ocean, outdoor and water

I did a couple other typical Korean things, like late night karaoke. 

Image may contain: text

Jasmine and I also went to a sauna. (So many naked ladies O.O)

It was fun. It was silly. It was all my little K drama fantasies rolled into one. I definitively want to go back someday! I thoroughly enjoyed my trip.


In unrelated news, Happy Birthday to my Dad!


Taejongdae is ‘a natural park of Busan, South Korea with magnificent cliffs facing the open sea on the southernmost tip of island of Yeongdo-gu.’

It was stunning.

Image may contain: sky, tree, plant, mountain, outdoor, nature and water

Image may contain: people standing, ocean, outdoor, water and nature

Image may contain: sky, ocean, tree, outdoor, nature and water

Image may contain: ocean, sky, outdoor, water and nature

Image may contain: one or more people, ocean, mountain, sky, outdoor, nature and water

Image may contain: Amy Buchmeyer, smiling, sunglasses, sky and outdoor(It was a little windy!)