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In Which Amy Buys A Car

After 3 weeks of searching, I finally bought a car today! A lovely blue Ford Fiesta. I’m super excited. 

Of course, once you buy a new vehicle you see the make, model, and color everywhere. Or so I expected. I was looking forward to it! At Wal Mart, I found one the exact same shade! But a Ford Focus. Still, only a matter of time…

I had to drive to Madison and back to my parents’ for something. 3 hours on the road. 

I did not see a single Ford Fiesta the entire trip. It became laughable! I would say:

“There it is!”

And Bethany, who was with me, would squint and say: “That is a Jeep.” 

Or I would say: “Wrong color, but surely that is my car.”

And Bethany would say, “Pretty sure that is a minivan.” 

Or I would say: “Surely that is my car.”

And then we’d get closer and it would turn out to be a Prius. Soooooooooo many Prius! Preiuses? Priusi? I think we passed a dozen.