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Scenes of Mae Sot

I cannot express how beautiful our trip up into the mountains was. Here are just a few of my favorites pictures: 

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Never Pee Alone

At this point last week, I was wandering around a campground hoping someone would eventually notice me missing and come find me. 

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For the first, and last, weekend of the summer, all 14 of us interns were in town. We decided to then all leave town and go camping in Buena Vista, Colorado. 

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As those who know me well, or not so well, know, I’m not a big camper. But I did spend all of last summer as a camp counselor in a wilderness camp, so I thought, how hard can it be? I felt particularly scornful of the mattress pads and tents. I was a real mountain woman! I did not need such luxuries! (Though I’d take ’em!) 

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Sunday morning I woke up and needed to do my business. I started walking away from the campsite to find a convenient bush…and kept walking…and walking…and eventually it dawned on me that I had no clue where I was. 

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I listened for the sounds of my somewhat loud compatriots but could not hear them. I looked for familiar landmarks but suddenly felt unsure. Was the house on the hill behind us? Or did we drive pass it when entering the campsite? And where had that river come from?

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I considered my options carefully. I could follow the river but, as there was definitely no river by our campground, this would get me nowhere. I could sit in one place and wait for someone to find me. However, I was not confident they had even noticed I was gone yet, or would think to walk this far out in search of me. Further, I was not dressed for the heat and already felt myself sunburning. 

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Worse, the only thing on my feet were cheap, Wal Greens flip flops. Every rock and thorn punctured them and went straight into my foot. No matter how judiciously I avoided the cacti, they somehow found me. 

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After wandering for what felt like days but in reality was only 30 minutes, I realized that if I could find the road that looped around the whole campgrounds, I could find our specific campsite. So I shoved my way through the brush until I located someone else’s campsite, and from there the road. I started walking on it until I heard distant shouting. Up on the largest rock they could find stood three of my fellow interns shouting my name. 

Apparently, they were the 4th group sent out in search of me. 

We made it back just in time for breakfast! 

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Moral of the story? Always take a buddy when you have to pee.

First Day of Fall!!

I noticed yesterday on my commute and today it is official…FALL IS HERE TO STAY! The cornfields are turning brown and the trees are ever so slowly changing color. I turned off the air conditioning at the office today. Google has got a thingy-ma-bob celebrating the first day of Fall. I almost grabbed a sweater. It is official and isn’t it lovely? 

Summer is actually my favorite season, mainly because my birthday is my favorite holiday and that falls in July. However, the air conditioning in my van went out this summer and it has been miserably hot driving that thing around. I’m so ready for cool temperatures! And even better, this is a Fall that contains an election season. I love election season. I love canvassing in the nippy weather and the camaraderie that comes with a good Get Out To Vote campaign. Sure, I might not love the candidates this year, but candidates come and go. The feeling of warmth that comes from friends and exercise and a little rousing political discussion never does! Bring it on! 

A Spring Day

It has been a beautiful day. Spring is usually my least favorite season. Spring means pollen and pollen means puffy eyes, a runny nose, and never-ending headaches. Though my allergies have gotten better over the years, they still make life unpleasant. I spend March through June avoiding the outdoors whenever possible. 

That said, Spring is taking forever to get here. The past four years in Tennessee have seriously confused my internal clock. Come March, I’m expecting a pollen overdose. Instead, it snows. I’ve grown soft! 

The birds arrived several weeks ago. I know because they have taken it upon themselves to be my personal alarm clock. Usually the sight of the first robin heralds spring, but this year they seem to have come extra early. We have had some lovely blue skies and bright green grass, but the trees remain skeleton and bare. 

Today is the first day I am noticing buds on the trees; a few even have full foliage. The air is still cold and crisp but there is more color on the roads. There is an (unfortunate) increase in dandelions. I feel like Spring has finally decided to arrive in Wisconsin.

As much as it has confused me, I like this late start. I prefer the occasional last-minute snowfall to the endless rain of the South. My commute has been lovely lately. I wish I could capture it with a camera, but it is always inadequate. The sunlight brings out the colors in ways I never imagined. Spring in Wisconsin: green, gold, and blue. God truly reveals beauty in His creation.