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School Uniform

Literally everyone at Bible study: “Whoah, Amy, are you wearing a school uniform?”

Me: “Yup. Finals today.”

*awkward silence*

Me: “I know it makes me look like a middle schooler.”

Everyone: “Yes, yes it does.”

Group Presentation

“And we had an exchange student in our group and he showed up in sweatpants! The professor asked him why he wore sweatpants to a presentation and he said ‘this is what I always wear.'” My Thai friend shook her head in disgust and I took her words to heart. 

Presentation = clean up good! 

Today I had my first presentation here at Thammasat. I opted to go full uniform (buttons, belt, etc.) because of the story my friend told me about the exchange student who dressed like a bum left an impression on me. Not that I planned to wear sweatpants to present, but it sounded like students approached presentations the same way they did midterms. 

Except…not. Most people presenting wore jeans. One (Thai) student wore sweatpants. Another guy wore the same outfit he wears every day. And I do mean the same outfit. I’m starting to wonder if he owns anything else. 

I do not think this is a Thai thing. I think it is a public university full of undergraduates thing. It still made me laugh. Even wearing a uniform I stand out!

School Uniform

I am officially the proud possessor of two school uniforms, complete with a myriad of buttons, clips, belts, pins, and buckles that go…somewhere. I have never worn a school uniform before and the uniforms in Korean dramas don’t look nearly this complicated! My Thai friend just laughed when I looked at her in bafflement. 

But I am grateful she went shopping with me. Otherwise I would definitely not have known I needed the Law pin, or the separate belt buckle, or closed toed heels. All the study abroad office told me was, “Go buy a uniform at the bookstore.” 

Pictures to come once I figure out how to get the dang thing together! (I’m snipping off buttons and clipping other ones on and other such baffling stuff. I sure wish my Grandma lived closer!)