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Wisconsin Votes

What a crazy litigious build-up to Wisconsin’s election today! My sister and I got our absentee ballots out weeks ago so it doesn’t really impact me much when people vote (though I certainly have strong opinions about what the governor tried to do.) But it really has brought to a head a lot of questions about separation of powers and executive orders.

If you haven’t been following, one case went all the way to the United States Supreme Court. It involved an order that would have extended absentee voting to six days after the election. Election results wouldn’t be released till the end of the period. The Supreme Court said that would effectively change the election day and that could not happen this last minute. 

Another case went before the Wisconsin Supreme Court, challenging the governor’s executive order delaying the Wisconsin election till June. In a 4-2 decision (Justice Kelly abstaining), the court held Governor Evers could not move the election day via executive order.

Pretty exciting stuff!

Did you vote?

Voting Dayyyy

This is hilarious but also I’m 93% certain this is what it was like for my siblings growing up with me:

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Also, happy voting day, peoples! If you forgot there was an election, you’ve clearly not been on Facebook today. Or outside. Or possibly alive for the last two months. There are few things I love more than voting and even I am growing a little weary of the constant reminders. But it looks like Wisconsin has great voter turnout so far!

Now the real question is, do I have the self-control to work on my paper tonight while watching the votes come in? Or will I end up throwing my laptop at the wall? I need to find some election watching buddies.  


Today Bekah and I went back to our roots and canvassed all day with Americans For Prosperity. 

It was fun. Lovely weather, terrific GOTV survey, old friends. It made me miss working for AFP. Or more specifically, miss the possibility of it all. Of working full time and doing a job where every new projects holds potential. Of meeting new people and hearing their stories. Of creating memories. It was a season and like all seasons came to an end. But I miss it!

And I’m glad for days like today where I get to go back out and volunteer. (All the fun, none of the pressure.)

Checking In

“Of course I have time!” I claim optimistically. “I have a student’s schedule. As long as I go to class, I am good! Monday? Well, I have something…but Tuesday! No, actually I work then…Now, Wednesday…except not. I have to get some homework done. Thursday is so empty though! Or, it was empty. I filled it last week. Friday is crazy. This weekend! This weekend is soooooo…full. Yeah, I have no time.”

And people wonder why the law student doesn’t blog more regularly.

Just kidding, hi everyone! I am alive. I ended an internship, started a job, and discovered 2nd semester involves twice as much reading as 1st semester. Life has been busy. Thankfully, I am really enjoying it!

My Constitutional, Comparative, and Property law classes all require lots of class participation. I was a little worried at first I would not have enough to say. Then I discovered I disagree with a great many of my classmates, so the real question is finding what not to say! It is a good problem to have.

This weekend I am headed to a conference in Chicago.

For my Wisconsin friends, don’t forget to vote this Tuesday!


Okay, I know you are all inundated by election stuff, but I have had so much build up for today I decided to make one last post. In spite of my frustration with the top of the ballot, voting was really fun today. There were a lot of fantastic people represented on my ballot who I know are a good leaders and who strive to make a difference. It was a pleasure voting for them and it reminded me that no matter how bleak the national level might be, we can’t give up on our local representatives. Happy voting day everyone!


In case you hadn’t noticed. 

The election is tomorrow! Make sure you vote!