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Can’t Wait Wednesday

Can’t-Wait Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted here, at Wishful Endings, to spotlight and discuss the books we’re excited about that we have yet to read. Generally they’re books that have yet to be released.

Guess what book came out in English yesterday? None other than…


Title: Just Dreaming by Kerstin Gier

Publishing Date: May 2nd, 2017

Plot: A dream traveler faces the greatest challenge she’s yet encountered in this gripping third and final book of the Silver trilogy. The course of dream travel never did run smooth—at least, not in Liv Silver’s experience. Able to visit other people’s dreams (whether they want her to or not), Liv has solved mysteries, unearthed difficult truths, fought madmen, and escaped life-threatening peril, all from the comfort of her own bed. But Liv’s troubles are just beginning.


Kerstin Gier is a German author I’ve been reading since her book Ruby Red hit Wal Mart’s shelves. I have mixed feelings about her books but I always look forward to them getting translated. I won’t go out of my way to find this one, but I will certainly be avidly waiting for the library to get it!


20,000 Steps in Heels

Today I worked 13 hours and took 20,000 steps in high heels. I feel fairly brain dead. To give you an idea how brain dead, the cable guy at Wal Mart asked me who my cable provider was and I told him “I live at home so I don’t have to worry about it.” I think I meant something like, “I live with my parents” but it wasn’t until I had taken several steps that his, “you live at home?” finally processed in my brain. Whoops.

It was a good day, though. I plan to end it with some Remington Steele and no alarm clock. Take that, morning. 

CD Player

After weeks of thinking about it, I finally went to Wal Mart and bought a CD player last week. I love getting audiobooks from the library but it takes forever to get through an 8 hour book when I only have my 25 minute commute to work. I figure with a CD player I can play the audiobooks during the day while getting odds and ends done at work. Today I tried out my theory…and it worked beautifully!

I got Fathers and Sons by Ivan Turgenev on audiobook from the library. At 8.5 hours, this book would probably take about a week and a half for me to get through normally. However, today I used my CD player and listened to the book all day. I made it through the whole thing! This is awesome. Books are so much more interesting in one go. 

Do I look like I am reliving the 1990s while I drag along my wanna be boom box? Oh yeah, but think how many more books I will get through this way! 

President Barbie

I bought  at least 3 Entrepreneur Barbies when that was the career of the year so it should be no surprise that I jumped on President & Vice President Barbie going on sale at Wal Mart this week! $5 for two Barbies is a good deal anyway but I love it when she has a motivating career. 

Thankfully, I have a sister who was just as exited about this as I was…so I had a perfect excuse to buy two sets! 

Can you believe it has been over a year since Barbie released their tall, curvy, and petite dolls? That was before I started blogging every day…otherwise there would have been multiple posts about it on this blog! I have a soft spot for Barbie. 

the future looks bright

In many ways, developing a community field office has given me numerous experiences that usually would come with a first apartment. I’ve decorated on a budget, paid the electric bill each month, dealt with locksmiths, plumbers, and electricians, and assembled bookshelves. I’ve spent hours (and hours) at Menards and Goodwill and Ace Hardware.

Today, however, I did something new: I changed the light bulbs. That doesn’t sound very impressive, but I’m not talking desk lamp bulbs. After avoiding it for several months, I decided it was time to figure out why the showroom, spotlights didn’t work. They’ve never worked, but as we also have florescent lights in the room, I never bothered to figure out why. 

The issue was either with the light bulbs (thus fixable by me immediately) or an electrical one (which would involve calling the landlord, waiting two months, calling again, and maybe getting them fixed by March.) I swiped my Dad’s ladder, unscrewed the bulb, found a replacement bulb at Ace Hardware (did you know they don’t make 100 watt bulbs?), replaced the bulb, and hit the switch. It turned on! Only 5 more bulbs to go.

I went back to Ace where they only had 3 of the bulbs in stock and then tried Wal Mart which has completely different brands but wallah, I now have 6 working spotlights. This may not sound like much, but I feel like I conquered the world today. 

Who needs coffee when you have pickles?

Have you seen the Oh Snap! pickles at Wal Mart or Kwik Trip or whatever your local grocery store is? Those things are amazing. It is just a giant pickle or pickle bites in awesome packaging. I usually just get the whole pickle but tonight I got the pickle bites and they are just as good if not better. You see, tonight I am using them to keep awake. 

I left the house at 6 am this morning and probably won’t make it home till closer to 11. Lonnngggg day. Tomorrow I get to do it again so I don’t want to waste what precious sleeping hours I have being awake because of caffeine. Pickles are the perfect solution! The sour and salty taste and weird texture are enough to keep me wide awake and the crunching keeps my facial muscles moving which also keeps me awake. I am very pleased with this. 

It is not the first time I have used pickles to stay awake. My freshman year of college I didn’t drink coffee so I would eat spicy pickles to stay awake to finish projects. 

I’m telling you, pickles are totally underrated! 

Spicy Kimchi Bowls

Why, you ask, are there 3 spicy kimchi bowls stacked on my microwave right now? Good question, even I don’t like spicy kimchi ramen that much. 

However! Wal Mart wouldn’t just sell me one bowl. No, I had the privilege of buying the 4 pack for $3.76. It was that or go with the chicken flavor. 

I went for the 4 pack and that is why I now have such a beautiful addition to my kitchen decore.