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Bleary Eyes

Between writing a brief, leading discussion groups, and working on an assignment worth 30% of my grade and due tomorrow, I am a little brain dead. Possibly past brain dead, actually.

I drove to pick up Bethany from work. It was raining. It dimly occurred to me that everything seemed really fuzzy. Like, more fuzzy than usual. I blamed exhaustion. 

Turns out, it was a fog. There is really horrible visibility right now. I question whether I should have been driving.

Is it spring break yet?!

0 to 80

One of the perks of the apartment Bethany and I live in is that we don’t pay for heat. But we have discovered why. (At least in part.) If they actually made us pay for heat, they would also have to fix the heat settings. 

As it is, our apartment has two settings: icebox or sauna.

To get any heat to come out, you literally have to crank the dial past 80. And then it does its very best to comply. But turn it even a few notches to the left and the heat will turn off completely. 

A delicate balancing act emerges. Our new goal is to discover the secret of keeping it going just long enough to make the apartment comfortable, but not so long as to actually boil us alive. 

Wisconsin’s Rainy Season

Theoretically, my last few months in Thailand overlapped with the rainy season in southeast Asia. In reality, it rained maybe twice that I was aware of. (Though I think I slept through some rain-showers at night.) 

Wisconsin weather apparently has taken it as a personal mission to give me allllll the rain I missed.

Sorry, fellow Wisconsinites.

Today while driving home I got caught in a rainstorm. It was one of those downpours where drivers (including myself) flip on the hazards and pull to the shoulder of the road to await better visibility. 

But it was worth it because at the same time, the most amazing double rainbow filled the sky. I am pretty sure it ended in the field next to the road we were all on. I wish I could have taken pictures, but, you know, I figured staying alive and keeping my eyes on the road sounded like a better plan. But truly, it was amazing. 

Exploring Busan

I landed in Korea on a Thursday and spent the day exploring by myself since the friend I was visiting had to work. It was a very triumphant experience for me since I managed to navigate the airport, two separate subways, and a bus terminal without any help! (Mostly.) I mean, the subway system in Korea runs basically identically to the one here in Bangkok so it probably would have been more pathetic if I couldn’t figure it out. But I have never been known for my directional aptitude so it felt good to successfully navigate a new city. 

As it happened, navigating public transportation turned out to be the most exciting part of my day. I first went to Centum City (“The World’s Largest Department Store”) but it was closed. I then headed over to Busan’s famous International Film Festival location which, while architecturally kind of cool, is really just a giant, empty space when not hosting the film festival. 

I then meandered by the water for a bit and enjoyed the chilly air. (Such a lovely break from 97+ degree humidity here in Thailand!) 

 stumbled around for a while trying to find coffee, finally located a place and ate a delicious kimchi filled roll, and then wandered around the finally opened Centum City Mall. It was all very, very low-key and I did not take a single photo! 

I then headed to the bus terminal to catch a bus out of town to meet up with Jasmine who does not actually live in Busan. Here I almost ran into trouble. See, unlike Thailand, Korea’s bus terminal runs with beautiful efficiency. I just needed to buy a ticket and then I could use that ticket at any point during the day before the buses stopped running at 9:00 PM. I, however, did not know this and thought I accidentally bought a ticket for 9:00 PM. 

I stood there confused for about 30 seconds before a kind, old gentleman walked over and asked if I needed help. I explained my confusion and he pointed me towards the right bus. The bus left ten minutes later and I arrived with hours to spare. 

Now, I am told Busan is unique in Korea for how friendly strangers are. And I am told if I was in Seoul, I would have had a much different reception. But compared to the many indignities and frustrations I have experienced here in Bangkok over the last 5 months, that friendly man at the bus station felt like an angel from heaven. 

And in general I would say that is one reason I enjoyed my trip to Korea so much. It was not Bangkok. Everything ran so much smoother and people acted so much friendlier and I never felt like I was charged the “foreigner” price. Maybe I just needed a break from Thailand. Maybe it was just Busan. But whatever the combination, I appreciated every moment of it.

A Tale of Transportation

It started with the pouring rain this morning. One crack of thunder and I decided a taxi sounded like a better decision than either walking or taking the public bus. I pulled up my trusty Grab app (like Uber but less awesome) and found…no taxis available. Surprised, I hit search multiple times. Nothing. 

I grabbed the bus. Unfortunately, potentially because of the rain which stopped almost as soon as I got on the bus, traffic crawled. I ended up showing up for class 30 minutes late. Of course we had a new professor today and he was on time. 

Then because I wore my rain shoes this morning, I decided to take the bus back home. Somehow I missed my stop. It took me a while to notice. I kept thinking, “Wow, this commute feels long.” But it wasn’t until I realized I did not recognize anything out my window that it dawned on me that I must have passed my stop.

Being the logical person I am, I thought to myself, “Well, I know this bus runs past my apartment in both directions, so eventually it must turn around.”

Turns out it does. And it only took 4 hours of riding the bus to get me back! In the meanwhile, I got to see the very outskirts of Bangkok and chat with a very nice 70-year-old woman who was seriously concerned by my nonchalant attitude and gave me detailed instructions to get to her house in case the bus just kicked me off somewhere. 

Obviously my prolonged bus ride threw my afternoon off a little. In order to get to Bible study in time, I dumped my stuff and ran out to call a taxi. With an hour and a half to take a 30 minute drive, I thought I gave myself plenty of time to beat rush hour. Little did I know. 

After the hour and a half passed, and then another 30 minutes after that, I finally just paid the driver, dashed out of traffic, and walked for 20 minutes on foot. I don’t think the cars budged an inch between when I left and when I arrived at my destination. I did try to run but it took all of ten seconds for me to remember I don’t run. And also even if I wanted to, people walk sooooooooo slow. 

Thankfully, the kind people at my Bible study saved me dinner and I joined a group of them walking back. We opted to take the subway/sky train. As we left, the pastor noted, “Barring anything unforeseen, you can always count on the sky train to get you places quickly.”

So obviously, guess what experienced a delay “due to high volume of traffic”? Once the the sky train got us to our destination, my friend and I boarded a bus and things went fairly smoothly for a while. I got on the bus and off at the right time. I caught my transfer bus pretty easily. And then I somehow missed the stop for my apartment. 

Not feeling like an adventure to the outskirts of town again, I immediately got out. Somehow I still managed to go over 6 blocks without noticing we passed my stop! This obviously called for a trip to the nearest convenience store to buy a myself a Snickers.

Some days demand chocolate. 

I then thought about calling a taxi, or at least a motorbike taxi, but after due reflection on my day, opted to walk. And lo and behold, I finally made it home!


About 90 degrees separate my sister and I but we still manage to dress alike. #twinning

Good, Clean Weather

Today is my favorite kind of weather day. Some call it Fall; I call it canvassing weather.

The air is a crisp 52 degrees. The sky is clear. There are doors to be knocked, pavement to be pounded. People to talk to. Elections to be won. 

And here I am, stuck inside a building that reminds me of a factory studying the attorney-client relationship and why putting Japanese in internment camps in WW2 was bad.

Sometimes I question my life decisions. 

Colorado Mood Swings

Colorado has the strangest weather. Within an hour, the sky darkens, the clouds dump rain, and then the sun comes out. You would never guess it just poured. This place has the most bi-polar weather I have ever seen.

Better Safe Than Sorry

I really thought I had parked beneath a streetlight. I almost always do when I’m out and about late, and tonight I knew was going to be very late. Maybe the bulb was burned out or maybe I just wasn’t paying enough attention when I pulled in, but whatever the case, the first thing I noticed as I walked towards my car tonight was that it was in the dark. The second thing was that a sketchy white van with no windows was parked right next to it. It didn’t take a genius to figure out this was a bad combination. 

I turned around and started running in my heels, hoping to catch my boss before she finished locking up and drove away. We had stayed late talking with an activist and if she were gone, it would be me and an empty building. Thankfully, that activist hadn’t driven away yet either. He saw me running and pulled over. I explained the situation and he said he had been driving back to check on me anyway. He saw me safely to my vehicle and drove away. It probably was nothing, but better safe than sorry, and I am super grateful that he came back. Thank you, Mr. E!

There were definitely extra guardian angels keeping an eye on me tonight. Visibility was awful with the difficulties of rain/sleet/fog multiplied by construction and bad drivers. Half the time I couldn’t see where the lanes were. One particularly blinker-averse Toyota made a last-minute decision to exit with me and I narrowly avoided a collision. 

I’m so glad to be home, safe, and headed to bed! It has been a very long day. 

February’s Reprieve

The weather has been absolutely gorgeous today. Considering this is normally a month of ice and snow, the mid-sixties sun has been lovely. Cold and flu season has been hitting those around me hard; my co-workers have been stricken with sinus infections and strep. I have been fighting a sore throat and stuffy nose for a week now and it has been enough to make me feel miserable. However, even though I am as congested as ever today, this weather is lovey enough to convince me I’m doing fine. Hopefully it will have that effect on everyone! 

  I know this weather won’t last but it sure is getting me excited for Spring*!



*This enthusiasm for Spring will quickly disappear once my pollen allergies reappear.