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The Heater Ghost

Bethany turned on the heat last night. I know without checking because:

First, it feels like a sauna. Our apartment heater doesn’t do nuance. It is either off or 80 degrees. No in-between. (And trust me, we have tried. It just simply won’t kick in if you set it any lower than 80.) 

Second, even if I wasn’t sweating like a pig, I can hear the ghost. I’m 99.9% sure our heater is haunted. I don’t hear it from the living room, but as soon as I go into my room, it begins. It starts off with a creaking noise, like someone opening a door. And trust me, when you are lying in bed and you know you left your closet door open but you hear…

Image result for creaking door gif

It is more than a little freaky. Then the rattling begins. 

Image result for chains rattling gif

It is probably just the metal heaters shaking, but it sounds like someone rattling their prison bars. 

And then, just in case you weren’t paying attention, the heater makes a banging noise.

Image result for monkey banging on metal door gif

And it makes this cacophony about every ten minutes while getting back up to temperature.  I’m a fairly sound sleeper, but nights we have the heater on means waking up at 2 am for no readily ascertainable reason until all of a sudden your sleepy brain hears…


And that is why Bethany is going to have to freeze tonight. 

Snowed In

A snow storm has Bethany and I stranded at our parents house this weekend. Which actually works well because otherwise we would be driving home during our usual Sunday night programming! At least, that was what we thought. 

Turns out, my folks don’t get PBS Wisconsin. They get PBS Milwaukee. And PBS Milwaukee does not have all our programs! (Besides Sanditon.) 

Good thing we finished Howards End last week. But really! Who knew there was a difference!

Korean Food in Madison

My sister and I have officially found our go-to place for Korean food in Madison: New Seoul Restaurant.

It is tiny and authentic only in a way a place run by two people can be. (Total supposition but from what we can tell the owner waits tables while his wife cooks in the back!) The menu looked like something I would find in Korea and the food was delicious.

And the kimchi? Probably some of the best I have ever had.

We liked it so much we had a long discussion about the merits of moving closer. (Pros: delicious Korean food. Con: there goes our budget.)

Cheese > Head Cold

I have a head cold. It is pretty miserable. It hit me in the middle of the afternoon and all my classmates in my evening class suffered listening to me sniffle. 

More relevantly to this story, a very small window exists between my evening class ending and my bus arriving. I usually make a beeline out of the law school.

But today they had cheese in the foyer. 

And as a good Wisconsinite, I do love cheese. So, sniffling and miserable, I happily loaded up a plate and hurried out the door. 

I missed by bus by under 10 seconds. I then had to stand in the cold for 35 minutes waiting for the next one. 

Totally worth it. 


My friend sent me this YouTube video and I laughed so hard I knew I needed to share….and then I went on a rabbit trail so here are my favorites. Enjoy!

Wisconsin Culture

Today in Evidence class we studied evidence offered as a character attribute (not allowed in court) versus evidence offered about a habit (generally allowed.) One of the defining attributes that differentiates the two is whether it is “morally ambiguous.” In other words, if the evidence tends to make the jury make a moral judgement about the defendant (i.e. he kicks puppies and so is a bad person), it probably won’t be allowed into court. (Probably?)

Anyway, one of the examples that came up today was a piece of evidence from a bartender stating that the defendant in a hit and run case came to the bar consistently for five years in a row every Saturday and Sunday night, drank vodka for an hour, got rowdy, and left. Thus, even though the bartender could not say that on that specific night the defendant was at the bar, he had a habit of drinking on Sunday nights which lines up with the hit and run. 

All this as background to say: the non-Wisconsin native professor took it as a given that “he drinks for an hour every Saturday and Sunday night” would obviously leave “negative” impression on the jury. 

And all of us from Wisconsin were like, “But would it? Would it really?”

Which made for a very funny debate.  

Because we Wisconsin natives had several caveats before we would agree that a habit of drinking regularly was more negative than “morally ambiguous.” 

Like, was he chugging vodka, or just nursing a glass? Social drinker or in isolation? Who defines “rowdy”? Was there a football game going on? 

The poor professor did not know what to do with us. I don’t know if we ever got to the real crux of his question. 

Image result for dd switches to light beer memes


For weeks the student workers where I TA have been talking about their Halloween outfits. What to wear, when to wear it, how to get an unsuspecting boyfriend into a couple costume…all these things I heard. So, come October 31st, aka today, aka Halloween…I decided to join them in going all out.

I wore an Tudor gown with a cloak and high heeled boots and (though not shown below) a crown and veil. 

And then I walked outside and discovered it was snowing. 

No one at the bus stop was wearing a costume but I didn’t think much of it. I was an instant hit and three people asked for my number. (I politely declined to give it out.) 

I then got to campus. No one was wearing a costume!

I went to the house where I TA. And again…nothing! In fact, they’d all forgotten it was Halloween and asked me if I was celebrating the snow or something. 

I went to class; I attended a lecture in a different building; I wandered around campus. I saw maybe half a dozen people dressed up and no one close to my level. I can only surmise that the sight of snow shocked everyone into forgetting which holiday it was. 

But if Thailand taught me one thing it was how to take masses of people staring at you so I quite enjoyed myself despite sticking out like a sore thumb.