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20,000 Steps in Heels

Today I worked 13 hours and took 20,000 steps in high heels. I feel fairly brain dead. To give you an idea how brain dead, the cable guy at Wal Mart asked me who my cable provider was and I told him “I live at home so I don’t have to worry about it.” I think I meant something like, “I live with my parents” but it wasn’t until I had taken several steps that his, “you live at home?” finally processed in my brain. Whoops.

It was a good day, though. I plan to end it with some Remington Steele and no alarm clock. Take that, morning. 

Books Vs. Time

I have barely read anything since the month of April began and I am seriously stressed out by that. I had a nice lead on my 2017 Reading Challenge and it is slowly dwindling away. To combat this, I have gone to the library several times and checked out a plethora of books. 

The thing is, that is not where the problem lies. It isn’t that I do not want to read, it is that I do not have time to read. While I know that, I don’t like acknowledging it. It is so much easier to think, ‘Oh, I just need to find the right book to get me reading,’ than it is to think, ‘I need to manage my time better if I want to read later.’

However, I have been very responsible and have not been reading. My overflowing library basket can attest to that! 

EDIT: Also, full disclosure, I’ve been watching more K Dramas than normal so that might also play a part in this.

A Phonebank Workout

Image result for phonebank meme

I phone banked all day today and I am exhausted. I am stiff, sore, my tendinitis is inflamed…it really is ridiculous. You would think I did a major workout. But on the bright side, I also got 24,000 steps in today! I’m hoping to make it 25,000 before going to bed. I move while I talk and phone banking means talking and moving quite a bit! The other part of my 9.5 hour day was spent preparing for a presentation, which means more talking and walking as I practiced. In conclusion, I moved a lot today!

It is so worth it, though, for this wonderful feeling of accomplishment I have tonight as I sip my mint tea and curl up with a good book. I didn’t just survive today, I thrived! 

Two years with Bekah

This is sort of a #tbt (“Throwback Thursday”) post…except that it is Saturday. On this day two years ago, Bekah and I took this fantastic photo:

Today, we recreated it (sort of. We tried.)

I have had a fantastic time working with this girl. I would be nowhere near as sane or productive without her! Thanks for the 2 years of fun and friendship, Bekah! May we have many more. 

Team Fun and Fulfillment Day

Today the AFP-WI team had a team bonding day and went shooting! It was my first time shooting a shotgun. 

While I will be the first to admit I wasn’t very good at it, I had a lot of fun and I definitely want to do something like it again in the future! 

I tried to take a Saturday off…

“Today was supposed to be my day off….” I tell my volunteer as an explanation for why I am leaving early. “I have worked the past 4 Saturday’s.”

“WHAT!” says my 12 year old volunteer. “THAT SHOULD BE ILLEGAL.”

“What?” I ask. “Me taking a day off, or working 4 Saturdays?” 

“You taking a day off!” he exclaims. “If you weren’t working then I couldn’t volunteer! You can’t take off every 5th Saturday. I wouldn’t have anything to do.”

My job may have long and sometimes weird hours, but it really is worth it for activists like that. I am surrounded by passionate people…of all ages! 

That said, I am thoroughly enjoying my half day and tomorrow is totally off and all about my sister!