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Pride and Prejudice the Musical

Pride and Prejudice the Musical “premiers” next Friday via this website. Despite some hesitation over the cosutuming, I was soooo excited…until I found the songs on YouTube. 

Y’all, Pride and Prejudice the Musical is the most boring, weak-tea soundtrack I think I’ve ever sat through. I kept listening in hopes that at least one gem would emerge. Nada. 

Bethany overheard me playing it and asked why I was “listening to a bad soap opera.” 

My friend Sara listened and called it, “a weird Phantom of the Opera, Beauty and the Beast, Rigoletto musical mash up.” 

It isn’t that the songs are bad, necessarily. They are just enormously boring. They take no risks. They do nothing fun. It is just…melodramatic angst. 

You can listen for yourself here: