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Home Safe

Half asleep I started chasing a day dream about a blog post idea when I realized…I didnt blog yet today! Scary!

I am home safe. It was a short but fun visit to MN. I enjoyed the solo road trip to and from and made a serious dent in my audio book (Bleak House by Charles Dickens). It was lovely to see old friends and reminisce about former adventures. 

Sometimes, it is nice just to get away and reevaluate.

Tea and a Movie

Today Sara and I went to a fabulous tea shop, visited a cute used book shop  (where I didn’t buy a single book!), and saw the movie The Case For Christ. I was pleasantly surprised by the movie. Considering it is based off a non-fiction book, the movie does a good job turning it into an interesting story. It was a perfect movie for Easter. 

Twinning Vans

Sara and I haven’t seen each other since sophomore year of college.. imagine our surprise when I showed up to see we have almost the exact same van! We weren’t called The Brain in high school for nothing!

Last Minute Lucy

Tomorrow I am leaving for a quick trip to Minnesota to visit a friend. It is almost 6:30 the night before. Are my bags packed? The laundry done? Route planned?

Ha, no!

I planned to do the laundry part at least last night but my sister went to bed early so I didn’t do it.

My van, however, is all ready to go thanks to my Dad. He changed the oil and everything. Thank you, Dad!

If you’ll excuse me, there is a washing machine with my name on it. See y’all in MN! 

Madison at night

Last night was the perfect snowfall. The snowflakes fell slowly from the sky in large, wet flakes. The wind died down and so it was comparatively warm to be out and about in. Although this picture doesn’t do it justice,Wisconsin’s capital looked especially beautiful last night.

Finding Food

What does this picture represent, besides the fact that I am eating solid food finally? A 4th attempt at finding food! 

My co-workers and I went out for dinner tonight and had the hardest time finding a place to eat!  We opted for sushi first but the place was closed for a private event. Doesn’t that sound classy? But anyway, no sushi for us. Next we opted for Irish. We walk several more blocks only to find the place closed. Then we decided to head towards the pub we regularly go to…but they had a 20-30 minute wait time. 

Finally, we trudged a few more blocks and found a place with immediate seating and FOOD! Hurray! 

Good food and good friends 

I had Indian and Mexican this week…and today Rina and I got Korean! I love traveling. It is an excuse to eat good (if totally unrelated to where I am visiting) food. 

Headed home today 😦 It has been a fun vacation! I have such awesome friends. I appreciate that we can go years without seeing each other and still be best buds when together again. Also I like that we eat my favorite foods. ❤️