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Superhero Texts

It is another late night for me, so enjoy a few of my new favorite memes… “Superhero Texts”!

Texts From Superheroes:


Hahaha (I know it's not Marvel but I do not post enough DC stuff for an extra file):

Texts From Superheroes:

Texts From Superheroes : Photo ibartstar: LMAO, he wrong for doing Jimmy like that.:

Batman and Booster Gold:

Hmmmm lol:

Conversations with Co-Workers

“Amy was basically raised on a farm! Weren’t you?” my co-worker turns to me with a beaming smile. 

My own smile freezes as I try and think of how my very suburban life could ever be construed as being “raised on a farm.”

“Ahhh, not really. I live in a subdivision,” I finally say. 

She nods as though I have just confirmed her point. “Well, I was raised in the inner city of Milwaukee, so we basically come from opposite ends of a spectrum.” 

I suppose if you really don’t live anywhere near grass, a subdivision could seem like a farm. Maybe? 

Blogging Time

5pm – Shoot, I haven’t posted yet today.

6pm – I should really get on this.

7pm – Am I reading anything good? Did I watch any movies recently? 

8pm – Any funny stories from today?

9pm – Yeah, I’m cutting this close.

10pm – Now I’m in trouble.

11pm – Hmm… “Blogging time…”

Killer Bunnies

Today my family and I learned how to play the game Killer Bunnies.

It is a strange, confusing game where you try to get carrots and keep your bunnies alive. Since there were 11 of us playing, it took a long time. However, I would play it again. It was fun!

A Break From Webtoons

Wayyy back in September I made a short little post about my “latest” obsession: Webtoons. Unlike many of my obsessions, Webtoons stuck and I faithfully followed and read the comics each week. I subscribe to around 56 webtoons though only about 30 get actively updated. 

At some point my Webtoons obsession slowed down. I stopped looking for new ones to add and I started un-subscribing from webtoons I wasn’t 100% enjoying. Time would pass between when authors updated and when I read. Finally, I stopped reading altogether. 

Forever seemed to pass. I would see the notifications on my phone and ignore them. Yesterday, though, I saw a misleading title and thought “Oh, ABY is done updating.” It wasn’t. “Maybe I’ll just finish that one.” I clicked on it, wondering how many months it had been since I last caught up…

3 weeks. It has only been 3 weeks since I quit reading. The moral of this story is that I’m really bad at measuring time objectively. 

In other news, it has been 3 days since I finished a book and it feels like it has been 3 years. Thank goodness the weekend is here, I need to read!

Better Safe Than Sorry

I really thought I had parked beneath a streetlight. I almost always do when I’m out and about late, and tonight I knew was going to be very late. Maybe the bulb was burned out or maybe I just wasn’t paying enough attention when I pulled in, but whatever the case, the first thing I noticed as I walked towards my car tonight was that it was in the dark. The second thing was that a sketchy white van with no windows was parked right next to it. It didn’t take a genius to figure out this was a bad combination. 

I turned around and started running in my heels, hoping to catch my boss before she finished locking up and drove away. We had stayed late talking with an activist and if she were gone, it would be me and an empty building. Thankfully, that activist hadn’t driven away yet either. He saw me running and pulled over. I explained the situation and he said he had been driving back to check on me anyway. He saw me safely to my vehicle and drove away. It probably was nothing, but better safe than sorry, and I am super grateful that he came back. Thank you, Mr. E!

There were definitely extra guardian angels keeping an eye on me tonight. Visibility was awful with the difficulties of rain/sleet/fog multiplied by construction and bad drivers. Half the time I couldn’t see where the lanes were. One particularly blinker-averse Toyota made a last-minute decision to exit with me and I narrowly avoided a collision. 

I’m so glad to be home, safe, and headed to bed! It has been a very long day. 

Honey Water

Hot water with honey has become my new “go to” beverage. Today was really long and stressful at times and driving home tonight I kept thinking, ‘I want honey water. Honey water. Honey water.’

I posted before about honey tea, that is still good. I noticed, though, I was drinking tea with so much honey I wasn’t tasting the tea…so I just skipped adding the tea. It is a very soothing beverage and theoretically the raw honey is helping keep me healthy. Win win!