Two Finals Down

I just finished my second final: an 8-hour Immigration Law take home.

Am currently surviving on law school memes and V8 Energy Drinks. 

Only one final left: a 24 hour Evidence exam. That is all that stands between me and Christmas break.

Well, that and class tomorrow, reading the book for class tomorrow, four discussion groups, proctoring an exam, grading said exam, and cleaning this apartment. 

Really Supportive Qdoba Employee

Bethany and I went to Qdoba for dinner tonight. She got a normal employee. I got a cheerleader. 

Qdoba Employee (QE): “What can I get you today?”

Me: “Burrito bowl, please.”

QE: “Excellent decision. White beans?”

I was about to ask for black beans but glancing through the glass I realized there weren’t any black beans, just pinto beans. “Surreeee,” I said.

But the QE noticed my hesitation. He turned to his co-worker who was refilling the black beans. “You TOOK THE BEANS SHE WANTED. Give those back. She’s getting black beans.” 

*QE begins dumping chicken into my bowl*


“You want chicken?”

Me: “Yep.”

QE: “Oh good, because I couldn’t remember what meat you asked for. Veggies or queso?”

Me: “Both.”

QE: “Danggggg. One or two scoops of guacamole?” 

Me: “Two.”

QE: “AWESOME. Chips?”

Me: “Uh…”

QE: “You want chips. They come with the burrito bowl.”

Then, seeing his co-coworker’s eye-roll, “HEY, I like to be encouraging, okay?”

Nephew Time

I got to babysit my one-year-old nephew yesterday ❤ It was wonderful. He is adorable and very well behaved. 

And clearly he was very excited to visit his Tante Amy because he pooped three times while I was watching him. 

We went to visit Auntie Bethany at work and he brought joy to everyone with his adorable, shy grin. I think stores should pay people to walk around with cute babies. It would make life so much better for everyone. 

It was just great. I love that kid so much. Exactly what I needed for post-final recovery! I think I need to kidnap him for the next two weeks. He recharges the soul. 

One Final Down..

Can we all just agree that math doesn’t belong in law school? There is a reason we’re all law students and not engineers. (Okay, some engineers do go to law school, but they’re all going to be patent lawyers and are their own, odd breed.)

For the rest of us….math is just torture. My final today had math on it. It was a multiple choice exam and I’d faithfully plug the equation into my calculator and get an answer that did not resemble any of the options. 

Which is basically what I spent 2.5 hours doing. 

But at least I had a vague understanding of what was going on. I exited the final and asked someone who took it with me how he thought he did with the equations. He looked startled and went, “What equations?!”

Impulse Buying

I, admittedly, am an impulse buyer. And unless I am super focused, I will take a tour of the entire store no matter what I came for. I mean, what if I am missing out a great deal in toys because I only want milk?!

Bethany generally understands this about me and since moving in has been a trooper about our weekly grocery shopping. She also (generally) does a good job at steering me away from most of the stuff I want to buy. For example, on any given shopping trip you will hear me say:

  • “I so see an argument for Spiderman place mats.  Look how cool!’
  • “Of COURSE we need a six person tent. It is on SALE.”
  • “Two words: Lego Batman. I think I need this.”
  • “So hear me out, what if we bought a dozen more spoons so we would have to wash dishes less often?” 

Most of the time I am joking but momentarily carried away. (I did buy the stuffed Lego Batman.) The dangerous thing, however, is when Bethany agrees with me. 

Me: “So hear me out…this is a giant stuffed dragon and it is awesome.”

Bethany: “It is super awesome.”

Me: “And our nephew would love it…”

Bethany: “He would.”

Me: “But his parents wouldn’t. So we would have to keep it. And he can play with it when he comes over”

Bethany: “I would put it in my room…”

Me: “So…we’re buying it?”

Bethany: “Yeah, we’re buying it.”

And that is why there is currently a giant, blue, stuffed dragon across from me.

And possibly why Bethany has two Olafs in her room right now. (Sshhhh, one is a gift. So totally justifiable.) 

Cheese > Head Cold

I have a head cold. It is pretty miserable. It hit me in the middle of the afternoon and all my classmates in my evening class suffered listening to me sniffle. 

More relevantly to this story, a very small window exists between my evening class ending and my bus arriving. I usually make a beeline out of the law school.

But today they had cheese in the foyer. 

And as a good Wisconsinite, I do love cheese. So, sniffling and miserable, I happily loaded up a plate and hurried out the door. 

I missed by bus by under 10 seconds. I then had to stand in the cold for 35 minutes waiting for the next one. 

Totally worth it. 

Point of the Semester Where All I Know Are Memes

These will probably make no sense but basically my life is one long law school meme for the next few weeks. Also, I belong to a lot of meme pages. And finding these was more fun than studying.

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But most accurately me right now…

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