Full Body Worship

The church Bethany and I have recently started attending is in the process of merging one of their services into a “gospel fusion center.” I’m all about it. Though most of my life I’ve attended more sedate, traditional or non-denominational churches, I’m an expressive worshiper. I like hand raising and dancing. Joy needs expression! And for me, joy comes from worship. 

Today was a “test run” with the new gospel pastor and worship staff. I forgot how long it had been since I worshiped with a charismatic congregation. It was wonderful. For once I didn’t feel like I needed to curb my enthusiasm for fear of distracting others. I could just WORSHIP. 

Being more introverted, my sister does not get into full body worship like I do. If given the chance to sit while others dance, she sits. I suspect she tolerates the idea of gospel fusion worship more for my sake than any innate enjoyment. Which I appreciate. But it can feel a bit aggravating. Especially leaving service today, I was bursting with enthusiasm and eager to share it with someone. And Bethany…well, Bethany just shrugged and said something to the effect of, “It was fine, I guess.”

Le sigh. 

Does being extroverted or introverted impact how you worship?

Shopping Where You Work

My sister works at Hobby Lobby and today she accidentally showed up for work an hour early. She decided to take advantage of the extra time and do some shopping. 

But retail.

On a Saturday.  

It proved distracting. I can’t resist sharing some of her stories: 

  1. “This old lady was going down the aisle in Spring and she kept picking an item off the shelf, looking at it, and putting it down on a lower shelf. And she’d pick it up and put it down, pick up another item, put it down. So I started walking behind, putting things back where they belong. Somehow she didn’t notice that I was following putting things back for the entire aisle.”
  2. “This woman went up to my co-worker and started complaining that an item was marked for $29.99 on the website but in the store was marked $69.99. So I walked over and looked up the item online with my phone and told her it was $69.99 online. She got super huffy and stormed off. It didn’t occur to me till afterwards that I wasn’t wearing a vest so I looked like another customer butting in on her complaint.”
  3. “The woman in line in front me of me at checkout was getting huffy since we only had two registers open besides Cindy, who was closed and counting her drawer, and the lady in line turned to me to complain, like ‘why aren’t there more registers open’ and I told it was because Cindy’s shift just ended. I don’t think she expected an actual answer.” 

The League of Spinster Aunts

It is Valentine’s Day and, in the spirit of spinster aunts from time immemorial, I plan to spend it babysitting my nephew. 

It is actually quite a good gig. Never mind that in order to get it, I had to remind my brother a holiday called Valentine’s Day was coming up and then volunteer to drive across the state to watch his kid on my own dime. It will be worth it. There is competition for the status of Best Spinster Aunt. (Truly, there are 5 of us.) And I figure, a best defense is a good offense. Gotta start while the nephew is young. 

Happy Valentine’s Day, y’all.

Oh, and for the record, if you Google “spinster aunts” in the hope of finding some great memes, nothing comes up. But there are a lot of pictures of the aunts from Arsenic and Old Lace and ya know…that’s not a bad role to aspire to. 

The Heater Ghost

Bethany turned on the heat last night. I know without checking because:

First, it feels like a sauna. Our apartment heater doesn’t do nuance. It is either off or 80 degrees. No in-between. (And trust me, we have tried. It just simply won’t kick in if you set it any lower than 80.) 

Second, even if I wasn’t sweating like a pig, I can hear the ghost. I’m 99.9% sure our heater is haunted. I don’t hear it from the living room, but as soon as I go into my room, it begins. It starts off with a creaking noise, like someone opening a door. And trust me, when you are lying in bed and you know you left your closet door open but you hear…

Image result for creaking door gif

It is more than a little freaky. Then the rattling begins. 

Image result for chains rattling gif

It is probably just the metal heaters shaking, but it sounds like someone rattling their prison bars. 

And then, just in case you weren’t paying attention, the heater makes a banging noise.

Image result for monkey banging on metal door gif

And it makes this cacophony about every ten minutes while getting back up to temperature.  I’m a fairly sound sleeper, but nights we have the heater on means waking up at 2 am for no readily ascertainable reason until all of a sudden your sleepy brain hears…


And that is why Bethany is going to have to freeze tonight. 

Snitches Get Stitches

On the half a block walk to class this morning, the professor I TA for asked how discussion groups went on Monday. I answered him honestly: I had the hardest time keeping the students focused. At least one told me that as an atheist, he didn’t believe in what Luther wrote, so why bother reading it? Others tried to distract me by sparking debates about the authenticity of Scripture or the meaning of separation of church and state. I hoped he would say something about the relevance of Luther in class.

And oh, did he ever. 

Professor: “My TA* informs me that some of you godless atheists think you don’t need to read Luther and can get away with ignoring what he has to say. Well, you can’t. Get out of your bubble and read something you disagree with. It will do you good.”

And at that moment the student who made the atheist comment turned and locked eyes with me. The message was clear. 

Image result for snitches get stitches


*Actually, he didn’t just call me his TA. He referred to me by my last name–which I don’t share on this blog. But basically, “Miss Amy says…” Which sounds even more like I went and tattled on them. 

Another Broken Streak

134 days in a row. And then my blogging streak was no more. Arg.

Last semester, the class I TAed for covered “the Bible in a day.” Yesterday we simply had “Reformation in a day.” But many of my students didn’t take Part I last semester, so few actually knew what was going on. 

Thus it became: the Bible plus the Reformation in a day. (Or more precisely, 50 minutes.) It did not go super well. I was exhausted by the time I left, exhausted going to Bible study afterwards, exhausted because I forgot to do homework due Sunday so I rushed to do that before going to bed, and simply exhausted from how thrown off my schedule was  driving back to Madison in the morning. 

And so I forgot to blog. Arg. 

Snowed In

A snow storm has Bethany and I stranded at our parents house this weekend. Which actually works well because otherwise we would be driving home during our usual Sunday night programming! At least, that was what we thought. 

Turns out, my folks don’t get PBS Wisconsin. They get PBS Milwaukee. And PBS Milwaukee does not have all our programs! (Besides Sanditon.) 

Good thing we finished Howards End last week. But really! Who knew there was a difference!