Monthly Archives: August 2016

DAD Summit

Guess where I am going tomorrow…*drum droll please*

For the next few days I will be in Florida attending the Defending the American Dream Summit!

I am going to get to hear some of my favorite speakers, including Arthur Brooks, Carly Fiorina, Marco Rubio, and Scott Walker. There will be breakout sessions, policy discussions, and pools. I’m looking forward to seeing familiar faces and meeting new friends. Basically, I’m pumped! 

This will be my 3rd year attending the Defending the American Dream Summit and I’m looking forward to getting energized for a busy next few months. It is always inspiring to see just how many people are part of the AFP family. 


I’m officially 19 chapters into Winter by Marissa Meyer and it is taking all my self control not to ignore work and social engagements and just read all day. The problem is, there are 97 chapters. This is no 200 page book I can zip through and still  only be fashionably tardy to my day. This book demands commitment. 

But so far, it is so worth it! It has been far too long since I read Cinder and Scarlet and Cress. If you have not read this futuristic, fairy-tale series,  I highly recommend it. It is so much fun. Maybe I will post a proper review when I’m done…depends if it gets 5 stars. I’m trying not to post as many 5 star reviews on here because you’ll just get repeats of them at the end of the year. 

Fitbit Day 1

I realize 24 hours is hardly enough time to pass judgement on my new Fitbit, but that is basically what I’ve focused on all day so that’s what I’ve got on the brain. My plan to challenge myself seems to be working. I’m just under 13,000 steps today! I think that is good? It also says I’ve done 52 floors (I assume that means stairs and not flights of stairs?) I’ve got green circles (goal met) on everything but calories burned, but I’m only 20 calories short on that and assume it will turn green before I go to bed.

At any rate, I find my Fitbit very motivational. I’m all for green circles! Don’t worry, I’ll try and find something more interesting to write about tomorrow.

Fitbit time

Well folks, I have officially given in and gotten a fitbit. My parents each have one and it seems to be a source of inspiration for them, so hopefully it will inspire me to be more active. I’m not a very active person. I like curling up with a good book and not moving for hours. I can watch endless k dramas not need to stretch. It is a good thing I have a job that requires me to walk a lot or who knows where I would be. It takes quite a bit to get me started. 

However, I’m hoping using the fitbit will help me channel my obsessive temperament. I didn’t just limit my coffee intake this spring, I gave it up. I can’t just post more regularly on this blog, I feel the need to post every day. I’m hoping that same theory will work with my fitbit. Maybe this will challenge me to constantly be active! Or at least more active than I have been. At any rate, it is worth and try!

Lord of the Flies by William Golding

Today I finished Lord of the Flies by William Golding. It is one of those classics that you read in high school or hope to never run into again. However, because I didn’t read it in high school,  I decided I needed to give a try.

I didn’t enjoy it as much as I expected to. I enjoyed The Metamorphosis and Frankenstein and any other number of classics I’ve read this year, but Lord of the Flies was a hard one to get into. There were moments of great poignancy and depth, especially near the end. However, you have to battle tedious chapters and disjointed plot elements to get there. I think I should have read the book in print, via audio it was too easy to get the boys confused. 

The book was worth the time and I think I would re-read it. I give it 3 out of 5 stars. Not a new favorite, but not as dreadful as all the comments on YouTube led me to believe. 


Team Fun and Fulfillment Day

Today the AFP-WI team had a team bonding day and went shooting! It was my first time shooting a shotgun. 

While I will be the first to admit I wasn’t very good at it, I had a lot of fun and I definitely want to do something like it again in the future! 

Another incomplete review…Villette by Charlotte Brontë

I’ve been listening to Villette by Charlotte Brontë on audio book and I’m almost done. I have maybe 40 minutes to go. By this point, I’ve gotten the gist of the story and am now simply waiting for things to be tied together. It is a good book. An interesting one. I might even share a more thorough review once I’m finished with it. The thing is though…I feel like I was lured in under false pretenses. This is how the book was described in its Goodreads bio:

“Arguably Brontë’s most refined and deeply felt work, Villette draws on her profound loneliness following the deaths of her three siblings. Lucy Snowe, the narrator of Villette, flees from an unhappy past in England to begin a new life as a teacher at a French boarding school in the great cosmopolitan capital of Villette. Soon Lucy’s struggle for independence is overshadowed by both her friendship with a worldly English doctor and her feelings for an autocratic schoolmaster. Brontë’s strikingly modern heroine must decide if there is any man in her society with whom she can live and still be free.”

Italics added.

You see, I braced for a love triangle. I expected a “strikingly modern heroine” trying to find a man that would let her continue to teach or at least let have her own opinions or something. That’s not what I’m getting. Lucy Snowe is a somewhat interesting character in the mode of Jane Eyre but nothing spectacular. She doesn’t so much “decide” to look for a man as much as she falls for the only two men of her acquaintance. The one it appears she will end up with in the end is selfish, chauvinistic, sexist, and possibly bipolar. I wouldn’t mind so much if this book wasn’t presented as something modern. Maybe it will end well? We shall see.