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Law School Life: Part IV

My Constitutional Law Class In A Nutshell

Professor: * Says anything *

Meanwhile, me: 

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Image result for scalia meme


Law School Life: Part III

My Professional Responsibilities Class In A Nutshell


Law School Life: Part II

My Administrative Law Class In A Nutshell

Professor: “So that is a Chenery I analysis in the State Farm context. The court doesn’t get into Vermont Yankee. But remember, we are talking about the APA here. It looks different if the agency is interpreting a statute or its own rules. Then we use our Chevron, Skidmore, or even an Overton Park type analysis.”*

Meanwhile, me:

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*These are all the short forms for foundational cases we read in class. 

Law School Life

My Water Law Class In A Nutshell

Professor, discussing results of a recent writing assignment: “One student began their paper discussing states rights. I was skeptical but it stayed consistent. Good paper.”


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To buy or not to buy?

I can talk myself into buying anything. And probably talk you into buying anything, too. Unless you want to spend money, don’t go shopping with me. It is a skill and a curse. I know I possess super-rationalization powers…so I don’t trust anything I say.

This works 90% 5% of the time. 

What ends up happening is two unstoppable forces – my love of an impulse buy and my stubborn frugality – collide. One of three things subsequently happens. Either I hold out long enough to realize I don’t need the item, I hold out long enough to realize I do, or I stress so hard I accomplish nothing all day and irritate my friends by analyzing every detail of the purchase until I reach a conclusion. It is exhausting. 

Throw in a timeline to make a decision and, well, you have today!

I’ve been browsing Kindle prices this past week just in case I spotted a great deal. And today I found a decent deal. But do I really need a Kindle? I do read a lot on my phone. A Kindle would be better for my eyes. But I often read using the Libby app, so it is a matter of convenience not necessarily preference. Weighing my current life state, I don’t need a Kindle.

But I am going to Thailand. And I read a lot. I read 16 books in one weekend of travel. Imagine what I could accomplish with a semester of travel. Clearly I’m not bringing 100 physical books with me. The Kindle is perfect! I should buy it.

But then I have to buy books. That adds up. But where else am I going to get books otherwise? I can’t depend on local libraries. I need books. I don’t have other hobbies! I better get a Kindle. 

But am I buying a Kindle because I need a Kindle or because I want one? Do I absolutely need books next semester? (Yes.) Okay, is this the best way to get books? Maybe. I don’t know. But I also can’t think of any alternatives. But have I completely researched all Kindles? Do I know this one on sale is the absolute, 100% best fit for me? And does it matter if it isn’t, since I’m okay with the price? 

There is also…The Nook Incident. I bought a Nook once and subsequently never used it. I just couldn’t afford to buy books for it so it did not make sense to use it. Barnes and Noble just doesn’t have as many free or affordable books. Will the Kindle become another Nook? 

I use the Kindle app on my phone now. I like it. So I probably will use a Kindle. And this is a good deal. And I am going to Thailand. I should buy it.

After I consult with 20 of my closest friends on Facebook, of course! 

Do you think my real problem is that I’m indecisive? 😛 

300 Days

Today marks 300 days of using the Duolingo language app every day. I do not think I am actually learning much Korean. Or at least, I’m learning very weird things like “Mister, why are you fat?” and “The dog speaks Korean.” Perhaps once I reach the end I will experience an epiphany and realize it all makes sense. One can hope. 

The app is kind of goofy in my opinion but it does a good job incentivizing use. And hey, fifteen-twenty minutes of day of a new language can’t harm me, can it? I call 300 days an achievement. 

Rated R Movies

My sister got off work and needed a ride home so all of us siblings piled into the car to drive the one mile to go get her. (Irrelevant to the story, but quite a fun adventure.)

Me: Have you all seen that movie Game Night?

Brother: *in a judgmental tone* Isn’t that rated R?

Sister: She’s 25. She can watch rated R movies. 

Brother: Yeah but she asked if we’d seen it. 

Sister: You’re 17. You can watch rated R movies too. 

Brother: Oh, right. *long pause* But what do you think I do? Watch rated R movies all day?