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A Very Brief Update

I wrote this blog post wile studying abroad at Oxford University in 2013. I was reminded of it as I started the reading for the class I’m TAing for this year. Still giddy reading Machiavelli. (What does that say about me?!)

Fernweh's Call

Imagine telling your average 12-year-old that her only school assignment for the coming week is to research and write a brief paper on Justin Bieber. Furthermore, add that in the coming weeks the process will be repeated with One Direction, Selena Gomez, and any celebrity of her choice and that she will get to study them all in Hollywood. You have just caught a glimpse of how excited I am about my tutorials.  I am getting school credit to uber research a topic that fascinates me and write an essay analyzing it. How incredibly awesome is that?

This isn’t much of an update as much as me expressing my extreme enthusiasm for what I get to study. Today was our induction into New College (established in 1379…), yesterday was our induction into the Bodlian Library. I get to read The Prince and write a paper about Machiavelli for my primary…

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Goodwill Haul

Two guys walk into Goodwill: “Ah, man, they’re playing Justin Bieber.” They then turn around and leave.

I didn’t know Justin Bieber even still had those kind of haters.

My sister went to visit cousins this weekend and my aunt met me halfway to pick her up. It just so happened we met near my favorite Goodwill. 

I told myself I’d just go in for a quick walk through. Browse the books, maybe. A half-hearted poke through dresses because someone usually donates unworn Lula Roe. 

I left two hours later with a giant bag of clothing, a fabulous pair of boots, and 4 books. I probably would have ended up with more if they weren’t closing. 

It is just such a great store. 

Splinter Emergency

Bethany: “Me getting a splinter was the most interesting part of your day?”

Yes, yes it was.

Bethany got a splinter at work today. It was an impressively long one and went deep into her thumb. As soon as we got home, she made a beeline to the bathroom to pull it out.

Alas, like many things in this apartment, she decided I was woefully unequipped.

Bethany: “Do we have needles?”

Me: “Probably. Grandma gave me a sewing kit. But I’m not sure where it is.”

Bethany: “How about a push-pin?”

Me: “Oh, I’ve got one of those.”

Bethany: “What are you handing me?”

Me: “I think you are supposed to use it to start a cell phone. But it looks nice and pointy.”

Bethany: “Hmmm.”

Me: “Oh look! I found the sewing kit. Want me to sterilize the needle?” 

Bethany: “Hmmm.” 

Me: “What candle to use?”

Bethany: “What are you even talking about?”

Me: “You know! You stick the needle in the flame and it kills the germs.”

Bethany: “Hmmm.”

Me: “The only candle I have is Tahitian Coconut.” 

*Bethany sticks the needle in the flames* 

Bethany: “That did not work.”

Me: “Why did it turn black?”

Bethany: “Don’t we just have rubbing alcohol?” 

Me: “Sure!” *manages to squirt everywhere*

Bethany: “Okay, I dug it out. Now I need tweezers so you can pull it out.” 

Me: *produces tweezers*

Bethany: “Why are they so big? Fine, sanitize them.”

Me: *sticks in the flame. They turn black.* “Well, that didn’t work.”

*cleans with rubbing alcohol* 

Bethany: “Why are your hands shaking? All you have to do is pull out the splinter!”

Me: “I don’t like this stuff. I could not be a doctor. Wouldn’t it be funny if I fainted? What a blog post.”

Bethany: “That would not be funny.”

We got the splinter out. I did not faint. Movies lie: candles do not work for sterilizing things. 

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!! Hope you have a wonderful day full of good food and family!

To quickly name a few things I am grateful for:

  • Family
  • My sister living with me
  • TAing
  • Being back from Thailand
  • Traveling in Thailand
  • Second to last semester of law school!
  • The people who read this blog ❤️

Rated R Movies

So, I don’t know about you, but today felt very long and nothing funny happened so I decided to look up what I posted a year ago and I came upon this gem again. It made me chuckle. Hopefully it re-brightens your day too.

Fernweh's Call

My sister got off work and needed a ride home so all of us siblings piled into the car to drive the one mile to go get her. (Irrelevant to the story, but quite a fun adventure.)

Me: Have you all seen that movie Game Night?

Brother: *in a judgmental tone* Isn’t that rated R?

Sister: She’s 25. She can watch rated R movies. 

Brother: Yeah but she asked if we’d seen it. 

Sister: You’re 17. You can watch rated R movies too. 

Brother: Oh, right. *long pause* But what do you think I do? Watch rated R movies all day?

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The Past 8 Years

The application to be a licensed attorney in Wisconsin is lengthy and fairly nosy but I’m realizing all sorts of things about myself because of it. For example, since turning 18…

  • I’ve moved 16 times 
  • Lived in 3 different countries
  • Had 13 jobs
  • 4 “official” volunteer positions and a whole lot of non-official ones 
  • Spent at least a semester at 5 different colleges 
  • Wrote over 1,000 blog posts*
  • Read over 1,600 books*

Not bad for 7.5 years!


*Okay, the Wisconsin Bar did not actually ask about this.

Bookworm Decorating Problems: Part 2

Me: “I have a problem.”

Bethany: “What?”

Me: “I thought two small bookshelves would solve my dilemma. But they won’t. The books won’t all fit so now I need to consider a third shelf but that seems excessive. That’s like, five shelves. Not including if I buy a bookshelf as a night stand which would be six.” 

Bethany: “You know, there is an obvious answer.”

Me: * thinks very hard. Draws an absolute blank. * “What?”

Bethany: “Get rid of books instead.” 

Me: “…”

Me: “…”

Me: “…”

Me: “How is that the obvious answer?! That is the opposite of the answer. That’s, like, a non-answer.”

Bethany: “…”

25: A Year In Review

I am spending my last day as a 25-year-old working on a Law & Information Technology final for a class that ended in May. It feels oddly symbolic–and utterly depressing. 

I also work today. This too feels symbolic. I spent most of the first half of my year in this office crafting my law review note and trying to squeeze work hours in while juggling twenty other commitments. 

Neither memory leaves me feeling particularly joyful. 25 is not a year I would willingly repeat. 

Colorado, Madison, Thailand, Madison some more. The real takeaway I see from 25 is that the second year of law school is somehow more terrible than first year. And I didn’t even think that was possible. 

I suppose I grew as a writer and traveler this past year. I overcame a lot. I think I also failed a lot. Or at least I fell flat on my face more times than I care to count. 

I am not sure what hopes to have for 26. It will cover one more year of law school. It feels a bit like one more year to ‘get through,’ which I don’t want to be the case. I love birthdays because they mean a new start. But with 2L year still nipping at my heels and 3L year looming ahead, I feel more braced than expectant. 

But you know what? Here is to 26. As my favorite poet, Tanner Olson, says: hope doesn’t let the story end.

And another year of law school is not the end of the story. So, that is how I want to approach 26. Hopeful. Even if I am not really sure what to hope for. Because it represents a new year and a new chance to kick law school’s butt. Or at least try not to let it totally kick mine. 

July 3rd

Image may contain: 1 person, closeup

I am not saying Thomas Jefferson is my spirit animal, but he might be my spirit animal.

Redheaded book lovers really are the best. 

More Food!

No April Fool’s Joke, people here eat shrimp on pizza.

In fact, I would say at least half the local Domino’s menu came with seafood on top. If you’re looking for something..less, there is the vegetarian option. It comes with a heavy dose of…corn!

Speaking of seafood…

Grilled right in front of you! Yummy even after consuming an entire pizza.