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3 am: Oxford Update 9

I spent today re-reading old blog posts, particularly the ones from Oxford. This one really made me smile. I know it is long, especially compared to what I have been posting lately, but hopefully you will enjoy this reminder of my time at Oxford as much as I did!

Fernweh's Call

“I will NEVER forget this week. Every moment was so…” insert tears, “so special. Like, we cannot forget. We’ll need a reunion. And if Todd doesn’t text you, I’ll…I’lll….ohmygosh, this week. So incredible.” More tears.

The two girls on the bus from Oxford to Heathrow Airport in London were a tad emotional. I’m fairly sure their mascara is still all over the seats. They were Americans who had spent the last week in Oxford, mission work I think. And obviously, it had been:

“So incredible.”

I wasn’t trying to overhear their conversation, but when two girls are sobbing their eyes out in the seat in front of you…common decency demands some attention, right? Plus, they were really funny. It was the best week of their lives, nothing would ever compare, what would they do now? How could life ever be the same?

The 4 am bus is an interesting…

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Craving solid food…

My sister just finished her exams and we decided to celebrate by watching a Korean Drama. We chose Let’s Eat (2013) It is a drama all about foodies and it is making my mouth water! I haven’t had anything solid since my surgery and I’ve been craving meat all day…but this is another level of torture altogether! I love Korean food and this is a show entirely about it! Ahhhhh! I know I should have convinced her to pick Secret Garden (2010)! 

The best way to canvass…

What is the best way to get out the vote? By unicycle, of course!

Check out the AFP-Wisconsin page on Facebook for the video of Kenneth riding his unicycle while canvassing!

Only 3 more days till we vote! So close! 

Just call me Mom

Today I took some of my staff and volunteers out for dinner, their ages range between 23 and 12. (Remember, I am also 23.) We stood in line for a while and then ordered. The lady behind the counter beamed at me. 

Her: “Are they your children?”

Me: “No.” 

Her: “Oh! Well they are so well behaved! I’m so impressed, I’m going to give you 10% off your meal.” 

Me: “Ahh…yes….thank you….”

Her: “SO well behaved. Children these days are just not taught to be respectful. I had a 2 year old cuss me out the other day. I certainly wasn’t raised that way. I’m giving you 10% off!” 

I hand her my card to pay and she asks for my ID. I give her my still vertical Driver’s License, issued before I turned 21. Now it is her turn to look mortified. We stand there for a moment in silence. 

Finally, she asks: “Can I get a name for that order?” 

I give her my name and turn away. As I leave, I can hear her turning to her co-worker and exclaiming how well behaved those children were! 

This turned out to be useful later on when everyone got a little too loud and I had to firmly remind them that they had a reputation as “well behaved children” to maintain. I am pretty sure my Mom told me the same thing when I was a kid. At any rate, they straightened up fast. This Mom-thing might come in handy! 


Bring October Back!

As a Wisconsinite, snow in October doesn’t phase me. I don’t mind cold. I can even stand rain. But humidity? 70s and sunny? This weather is so strange!

Yesterday I wore a hoodie. Today I am in shorts and a t-shirt! What is with this! However, it is good for those of us who are canvassing every day. Such beautiful (but strange) weather!

Fitbit time

Well folks, I have officially given in and gotten a fitbit. My parents each have one and it seems to be a source of inspiration for them, so hopefully it will inspire me to be more active. I’m not a very active person. I like curling up with a good book and not moving for hours. I can watch endless k dramas not need to stretch. It is a good thing I have a job that requires me to walk a lot or who knows where I would be. It takes quite a bit to get me started. 

However, I’m hoping using the fitbit will help me channel my obsessive temperament. I didn’t just limit my coffee intake this spring, I gave it up. I can’t just post more regularly on this blog, I feel the need to post every day. I’m hoping that same theory will work with my fitbit. Maybe this will challenge me to constantly be active! Or at least more active than I have been. At any rate, it is worth and try!

Lord of the Flies by William Golding

Today I finished Lord of the Flies by William Golding. It is one of those classics that you read in high school or hope to never run into again. However, because I didn’t read it in high school,  I decided I needed to give a try.

I didn’t enjoy it as much as I expected to. I enjoyed The Metamorphosis and Frankenstein and any other number of classics I’ve read this year, but Lord of the Flies was a hard one to get into. There were moments of great poignancy and depth, especially near the end. However, you have to battle tedious chapters and disjointed plot elements to get there. I think I should have read the book in print, via audio it was too easy to get the boys confused. 

The book was worth the time and I think I would re-read it. I give it 3 out of 5 stars. Not a new favorite, but not as dreadful as all the comments on YouTube led me to believe.