Batman: The Animated Series

Elijah and I have been watching Batman: The Animated Series on Amazon Prime. The show came out in 1992 and you can definitely tell. It may not be Adam West’s Batman…but there are still moments… 

However, I actually really like this Batman. He is noble and saves everyone. Villains, police officers, random children…this Batman is quite unlike the dark and morally ambiguous figure of today. It is easy to know Batman is the hero. Yeah, the animation is a little odd and the writing certainly has its moments, but it is genuinely enjoyable to watch. 

Hahaha! I remember when I saw this scene from batman the animated series. After a long fight with the joker, joker has lost and is dangling from a fire pit. "Batman!" He says, "you wouldn't let me fry would you?" And batman sits there with that face for a second before finally saving joker and tying him up.:

Also, Sassy Alfred is the best.

…but he never misses an opportunity to lay down a sick dad joke. | Gotta love Alfred's humor!:


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